The Hotdogmobile

We were robbed of a snow day today. We got 6-8 inches, but we're not close enough to Lake Michigan to have gotten the full effects of the snow :( I have so many things on my "to do" list that I could have crossed off today. Oh well...

I'm linking up with Ms. Jessica from A Turn to Learn to share a funny one of my bunnies said today. I was doing a running record with him and I was asking him comprehension questions about the passage:
Me: What is a bookmobile?
Bunny: It's a mobile with a bunch of books in it.
Me: (not sure if he knew what a 'mobile' was) What's a mobile?
Bunny: A car or a truck. Like a hot dog. You know, like the Hotdogmobile? I saw it in the Pick 'n' Save (a local grocery store) parking lot once.
I rarely ever break from "teacher mode" when doing a running record because I don't want to break their concentration, but I bust out laughing. I looked at him, and said "Thanks for the smile today!" 

I'm still laughing. At myself. I hope the hubs doesn't come into the room anytime soon to see me smirking and laughing at the computer...

Link up with your kids' quotes!



  1. We were robbed of that snow day too! My district was too far north and west, to get the brunt of it, my own kiddos got a snow day though! Glad you found me through the staes linky! Love finding fellow WI bloggers. I just followed you back!

    Clearly Kindergarten

  2. Too funny!!! I'm sitting here laughing on the couch and my husband is looking at me funny also! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I HEAR YOU! We have been robbed of sooo many snow days this year as well! Soooo frustrating! SOOOOOO many crumby drives to and from work this year....including today...BUT we did get an early release:)

    We are ALL Special!


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