Currently: March

I just LOVE Farley's currently! Here's this month's edition:

Listening: I'm a few episodes behind on Project Runway, so I'm catching up this morning. I'm not really diggin' the "teams" theme this seasons though...

Loving: What I love about February is that it always FLIES by! March = spring is almost here = SPRING BREAK! 4 weeks... but who's counting???

Thinking: The 2nd trimester of school ended yesterday, so that means report cards go out on Thursday. I really don't want to be stressing out about finishing them on Wednesday night...

Wanting: Who doesn't love a good pedicure? I haven't had one since August, and not like I'm a pedicure/spa snob, but I'd just really like one. I'll probably wait until flip flop season though, so I can show it off!

Needing: Speaking of my feet, they're really cold right now. I hate having cold feet. I took my slippers to school 2 years ago for Slipper Day and I never brought them home. Sad face :(

Like, Love, Hate: This required more brain power than I would like to expend this early on a Saturday morning LOL! Everything needed to start with "A" for "Angela."
Avocadoes..... Heaven in my mouth! And I couldn't be more proud that my baby girl can't get enough of them either!
Apple Computer..... I'm completely obsessed with my Mac. If you don't have one, you don't know what you're missing!!! I do need to clean it up and organize it a bit though.
Allergies...... BOO!! One of the only good things about winter is how my seasonal allergies don't act up. 



  1. Pedicures and slippers. Love them both. I have had only 2 pedis in my life, but loved them! And I totally live in my slippers at home! My Mac is awesome as well! Happy weekend!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. Another "a" name blogger! I am also a huge fan of avocados. They really spruce up a sandwich, and do not even get me started on guacamole. Yum! I am so glad it is March too, but you are right. That does mean allergies are lurking around the corner. Can't have everything I guess?

    Eclectic Educating

  3. Wow... I didn't realize that some school systems ran on trimesters. That's probably really nice. You only have to do report cards 3 times as opposed to 4. Sweet!!
    I'd LOVE to get Mac computer. Maybe someday! My sis and I are your newest followers thanks to Farley's Currently! =)
    Sister Teachers

  4. I hate allergies, I am allergic to dogs - but we have one and not even one of those that doesn't shed - so I live with allergies everyday! Glad I found your blog through the Currently linky!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  5. ooooh you LLH is good.. I love avocados too... yummy in my tummy

    I am scared of macs...not sure why... habits I guess!!!

    and Allergies... YUCK!!! they are the pits huh?

    thanks for linking up

  6. Love Avocados! Our Meijer store has had some GOOD fresh ones lately. So tasty. :) Allergies are the WORST! Fin has SUPER bad ones. She is so allergic to pets and peanuts ( ironic since I call her Peanut) that when they were testing they wiped the stuff off after 5 minutes...they usually leave it for 15! Crazy!
    I love, love Currently and I look forward to it every month. Farley is a genius! :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

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    ideas by jivey


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