Friday 5: Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes...

Hello friends!
Sorry I've been non-existent in the last few days. It's my Spring Break, so if you're looking for some educational tips or tricks in this post... SORRY! Check back tomorrow! I've been playing with my babies and catching up on other blogs all week. I love it when people comment on my posts, so I've been trying to do more of that :)

Here's a peek at my week... lots of changes goin' on over here...
1. Some Easter pics:
Pretty sure he checked this girl to get a Cadbury Egg. Can't say I blame him...
E did really well! I think she thought she was "cleaning up," and not necessarily collecting Easter Eggs
My babies and their loot!
2. The car fell in the lake!!
One of the groups (I think it's the Jaycees) in our community does a fundraiser where they put a car on the frozen lake and you buy tickets for the day you think it will sink. Every single time we drive past the car, I have to explain to 3.5 year old Sly about why it's on the lake. Well no longer, because it sank on Monday! This is an exciting time for our family LOL! Except now he asks a bajillion questions about why it's IN the lake. Can't wait for them to take it out...

3. My husband was offered an accepted a new job! He is currently an associate principal, and pending approval by the school board on Monday (which we're told will happen, no problem :), he is going to be a principal... at a school in our community! This is very exciting for us, because he currently drives 2+ hours a day to and from his current school. Now he will drive less than one mile a day!
This has also been a big pill for us to swallow because he loves his current district. We have actually been talking about moving up in that direction for over 3 years. Our house has been for sale for the last 1+ years. I had even accepted that I would be job hunting in the next year or so. Not anymore! Except when you've spent all that time planning for a move and emotionally disconnecting yourself from your community, thinking that you're leaving, and now, suddenly, you're staying..? I even have a Pinterest board called My Next House... Although we've had house showings on Wednesday, Thursday, and one today (all separate people), so wouldn't that just be our luck that we sell our house NOW?! Just goes to show that our plan might not always be God's plan... :)

4. We helped my grandpa move into a new assisted living place yesterday. His old place was literally the size of a dorm room, and now he will have a full kitchen (not that he'll use it LOL), a living room, and a separate bedroom. The new place will also have more activities for him to do. I hope he likes it! The neat thing is that he can now see the cement company he owns out his window. My uncle now operates the company, so that will be nice that maybe he can pick up my grandpa every now and then and take him to the cement company for a few hours.

5. Some teacher friends and I went to PF Chang's and a Wine and Painting Studio yesterday! It was SO much fun!!! Here's what I painted...
Middle... can you guess what I'm painting??
END! YAY!!! I wish I would have put arms on her though.
Here's the group!
I originally was planning on putting my painting in my daughter's room, but now I'm thinking I might take it to work :)

I'll be back tomorrow with a SUPER FUN post about a Greek and Latin roots. What's that you say??? "Fun" and "Greek and Latin roots" in the same sentence. YOU BETCHA!!!


  1. Love the hippo girl! I have done that once and my wine bottle looked a bit funny and distorted. I tried :)
    Congrats to your hubby. GREAT NEWS!!!!
    My Second Sense

  2. Congrats to your husband! That is very exciting! I also love your hippo painting!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  3. Loved everything about your post! Congrats to your husband! What a relief for you all!

  4. First of all your kiddos are absolutely adorable! We didn't do an Easter egg hunt this year and no one cared:( Mine are 9 and 11 and so grown up! Congrats on your husbands new job, perfect that it is so close!

    Surfin' Through Second

  5. YAY, On the new job! Will you still sell your house then if he is closer now? This is pretty much what my post will consist of...a bunch of easter and personal stuff too. :) And that Hippo is WAY cute!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade


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