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So you've probably seen those 5 little words on many other blogs in the past week or so... we're all just trying to get our duckies in a row before the BIG SWITCH in a week and a half. So sad that I'll be losing the 300+ followers come July 1st :( I don't know about you, but I'm planning on doing one last import on June 30th, just to make sure I didn't miss any of the new blogs I follow. Do any of my bloggy friends know if there's a Bloglovin' widget like Google Friend Connect?

Anywhosies... Here's the winner of DAY 3:
YAY Julie! Watch your email!

What are my 3 teacher must haves? I would have to say my SMARTBoard, mechanical pencils, and my Mr. Sketch smelly markers. Angie Henry, your answer cracked me up! She said she needs coffee, recess and lunch! I seriously could not stop laughing! So if you're reading this Angie... SURPRISE! You won too! Shoot me an email at angelanerby10 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I do have a question for those of you with personal laminators. Why do you need one? Maybe it's because my school has an AMAZING laminator and we can use it whenever we want and as much as we want (within reason of course), but I don't see the need for one. Unless you just couldn't wait and wanted to laminate at home. But being the cheap fiscally responsible person that I am, I will wait until the following day to laminate at school. Now what I would really love is a document camera. And maybe an iPad or two (or 10)...

Gotta jet! Off to the park for a picnic lunch!!


  1. Well you answered your own question: you have access to a laminator that you can use whenever you want. At my school we have a lmainator that we are NOT allowed to use. There is a part time person who does copying and laminating for us-when she wants to do it and gets around to it. 'nuf said.
    PS- A few ipads for the classroom would be awesome! :)

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention-she has RUINED some of the things we spend so mauch time making!!!
    VERY sad face :(

  3. I wish we could laminate whenever we needed to. We can only use so much lamination each year and it is measured each time we use it to make sure we don't exceed our limit which isn't much :(

  4. I bought a personal laminator last year because one went on super sale on Amazon. It was a super impulsive decision, and the usually $80 machine was only $18 and shipped and on my doorstep in 2 days. We had a laminator at my old school, but it was often out of film and never was warmed up when I wanted to use it.
    While I still preferred to use the school's when I could (who wouldn't?? Someone else paid for it!), it was nice to have it at home over breaks and what not. I like that it is a much harder coating than other commercial laminators too. Depends on what you need! It sure is just nice to have on hand though. :)

    PS: I love your TPT products that I won!! Such a great surprise to help get me back in the swing of school prep! EEEK!

  5. I don't own one, yet. I've been on the fence, too (frugality). We have a laminator at school and an aide who will laminate for us, but I am a weekend warrior/procrastinator. I frequently don't write my plans until Sunday, which means I may find an awesome resource on TPT late Sunday. If I had a laminator, I could use said resource on Monday. That said, I asked for one for my birthday next week. My thinking..."If someone else gives me the laminator than I won't feel as guilty owning one." Does that make sense?


  6. How's this for crazy we're not allowed to use ours during the summer. Might use electricity... To make it worse for my professional development I'm supposed to create more centers for my kiddies this summer.

  7. I have one. Kelly got it for me for Christmas this year. We have access to our laminator pretty much whenever we want but sometimes it is just nice to have one at home so I don't have to go into school or stay later for it to warm up. PLUS the laminating pockets that come with it, SO much better than the school lamination. Don't get me wrong. Ours is totally fine and does a good job of staying on and not peeling. But this stuff was like extra heavy duty. It almost made the stuff feel plastic when laminated. I don't think I would have ever bought one for myself but it makes a great gift for someone who is a teacher.
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  8. Have you tried Donors Choose to get a document camera? I was able to get my project funded in a few short months and now my classroom has a very good quality document camera...my students love it almost as much as I do! Donors Choose is wonderful, check it out!



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