Happy New Year!

Hi friends! It seems like only yesterday it was last year....


Sorry. I know it's a bad joke. I use that line on all my students when it's their birthdays (It seems like only yesterday you were 7...).

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Third, you'll want to check back on my Facebook page this weekend :)

Lastly, it's the first of the month. You know what that means??? It's time for Farley's Currently Linky!

Looks like Wisconsin is going to lose. We're sad over here...

We (and by "we," I mean the hubs) have been working on fixing up the basement for the last month. It already had walls, but he took down the drop ceiling and put up drywall. He also had new carpet installed and put in a laminate floor landing by the back door. We got new furniture, including an electric fireplace to keep it warm. The guest bedroom has been converted into a toy room as well. I am very proud of all his hard work. Check it out!
I have been placed in charge of making a new curtain.... ewww!!
Just need something on the walls
The doors were the hardest part. The opening wasn't standard size so he had to cut and sand them down.
The back room looks so empty. You should see all the junk toys in there now!
Raise your hand if you have to go back to school tomorrow... hand sheepishly raising. Yep. We only get a week and a half off. Some people, I hear, get 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS?! I don't want that much time, but an extra day or two would be nice.

It is currently snowing. Weatherman says we're supposed to get 5-10 inches through tomorrow afternoon. Snow day???? PLEASE! Ha! I highly doubt it.

I would like this week to be over though because we actually had an "ice" day the Friday before break. So that means our gingerbread house party that was supposed to happen never did. I have all the milk cartons washed and glued to the bases, all the graham crackers counted out and bagged for students, all the candies in my room, I even put the 8 pounds of frosting in the freezer. I can't let all those supplies and hard prep work go to waste, except I am so OVER it at this point. I can't stand the clutter and mess that is currently in my room.

As for my Winter Break memory, it was all work and (little to) no play at my house. Between the basements, organizing closets, purging toys, I feel like all we've been doing is working. I could use another day to sit and do nothing :)

I'm off to enjoy my last few hours of Winter Break. Unless I get that snow day.... I'll be putting a white crayon under my pillow tonight!


  1. Wow, I can't believe you have to go back to work tomorrow!?! I shouldn't be complaining! Your basement looks fantastic!

    JustAnother PBJ Day

  2. Hi Angela,

    I love your new basement! It looks great! I'm having carpet installed on Saturday, so I need to do some home organizing myself. Enjoy your New Years!!!

    :) Jayme

  3. Great basement! I, too, will put a white crayon under my pillow for you. I hope you get that snowday!!! I go back on Friday, but kids go on Monday. Happy New Year!

  4. Your basement looks fabulous! Boo to going back to work tomorrow. A week and a half is NOT enough!!!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  5. Last year when I taught in NC I had to return on January 2nd. Boo. But now that I'm in Florida I don't go back until the 6th. I'll think of you tomorrow. Such a sad thing. :)

    The 4th Grade Journey

  6. OH BOO on going back... did you get a snow day today with this winter snow storm that came in???? your basement is awesome... we don't really have basements in my part of Texas :( I have always thought it was neat to have a basement!!!
    thanks for always linking up!!!


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