I Have, Who Has... THANKSGIVING!

We LOVE the game I Have, Who Has? in my classroom! We usually do it during Morning Meeting because it's quick, easy, and FUN! Sometimes those Morning Meeting activities can get loonnngggg, and a lot of times, the bunnies can get pretty silly too. I Have, Who Has is a great way to review and practice academic skills and concepts in a fun way.

I've bought a few versions of I Have, Who Has from TpT. I decided to make my own for Thanksgiving! Here it is!
I'm really excited to post my first non-free item in my TpT store! I'm also a little nervous... What if no one buys it? I'm just hoping for one person LOL! You can pick this up for $2.00 just by clicking HERE or on the picture above. If you do buy it, please let me know what you think. I really enjoyed making this, and I would love to make more if people like them.

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