Notice anything different around here?

You guessed it! I got a bloggy makeover!!!

The amazingly talented and creative Megan (from A Bird in the Hand Blog Designs and I Teach. What's Your Super Power?) gave my blog a much needed facelift. And I must say, I am completely IN LOVE! Aren't you??? Yes, yes you are! :) I am sitting here, grinning from ear to ear because it makes me so happy! I love everything, but I think my most favorite part is the post divider at the end of each post... with the little hippo peeking over the top! ADORBS!!
There are many blog designers out there, but I chose Megan. Here's why:
  • I'm LOVING all her other blog designs I've been seeing!
  • I used her tutorials on her teaching blog to help me get my blog started. So I knew she knows her stuff!
  • She's reasonably priced.
  • She's a teacher. I love supporting fellow teachers!

If you need/want a little makeover of your own, I HIGHLY recommend Megan! She offers a variety of options. She's easy to work with. She is timely. She was in regular communication with me. But most importantly, she put up with me and my crazy indecisiveness! Ha ha!

I'm also linking up with Latoya tonight at Flying Into First Grade for her Let's Get Acquainted linky:
Three questions this week:

1. What made you decide to be a teacher?
I was not the girl who dreamed of being a teacher since Kindergarten, although I do have memories of playing "school" with my stuffed animals when I was younger. When I went off to college I was a business major because that's what you're supposed to do. I soon realized that sitting behind a desk for the next 40+ years was not going to work. I was greatly influenced by my high school marketing teacher, and thought, I want do that! I soon became a business/marketing education major. In order to get into the School of Ed, you had to have 350 hours in a school/educational setting. And since I was late to the party, I had no hours. I was a sophomore, and I wasn't planning on being in college until I was 30. My mom's friend was an elementary school principal, so I contacted her and asked if I could volunteer at her school during my winter break. I went every day from 8:30-3:30 for three weeks. I worked in a 3rd grade room in the morning, did 2 hours of lunchroom and recess duty (groan... good thing I didn't know any better LOL!), and worked in an at-risk reading classroom in the afternoon. I LOVED it! When I came back for the spring semester, I switched my major again to Elementary/Middle Education and never looked back! I continued to work at the school on Fridays and the end of May/beginning of June to get the rest of my hours and was admitted to the School of Ed in the fall... right on schedule!

2. What has been your most rewarding experience as a teacher?
I would say that working with low students/gray-area students is probably the most rewarding for me. Working with these kids is truly a labor of love. It can be frustrating when you teach and reteach and reteach again (and again and again and again!), but when it all finally clicks... YESSSS!!! Especially as a primary teacher, it is so rewarding to help build that educational foundation. And when I see them in 4th, 5th, 6th grade, and I hear from their teachers that they're doing well... it makes me smile from the inside out :)

3. If you were not a teacher, what would you be?
My principal asked me in my evaluation last year if I had ever considered being a Curriculum Director. I was completely taken aback when she said that! It never crossed my mind, but the more I thought about it, the more I think I would really enjoy something like that! Except I already have my Master's Degree, and I'm not really interested at this point in my life in going back to get another one (I'd have to get a degree in Admin to do a job like this). If I wasn't in education at all, I think I'd like to do something with babies, like be an ultrasound tech, L&D nurse, lactation consultant... I had so many issues nursing both of my children, and I couldn't have done it without the amazing support from my LC. I only lasted 3 months with my son (due to bad advice from the first LC that was helping me), but I successfully nursed my daughter exclusively for 46 weeks (10.5 months), and then once a day until she was a year old. If you'd like to hear more of my story, just say the word. Even though it was a very difficult experience for me, I love talking about it, and I wouldn't change it... well maybe I'd change the part about getting bad advice in the beginning :)


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog design! It is SO super cute!!!!!!!!!!! After I got my first blog design I left it up ALL the time on my computer at work just so I could look at it and smile. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  2. Love the blog design, Megan is great and you made great choices. I would love to get into curriculum development but I don't want to go back to school right now either!

  3. I love your new blog design as well. I would also like to get into curriculum...I am finishing my master's in curriculum and instruction so maybe that will help, but I don't want to get another degree in admin either. Your college story shows your dedication!

    Literacy Spark

  4. Love the new look! SO CUTE!

  5. Love the new blog design! It was the first thing I noticed! So much fun!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  6. I love the new design:) I am a totally sucker for the kiddos in the shades of gray! As an interventionist, that is always my main focus. It is huge when those kiddos take off with their reading. I totally agree about breastfeeding:) It is a very rewarding experience. I did not do it with my daughter but I recently chose to with my son. Luckily I had a great LC to give me some tips. I am sorry you experienced bumps along the way:(
    The Phonics Phenomenon

  7. Love your blog design! Super cute! I just discovered your blog through the "Let's Get Acquainted" Linky Party. I also started off as a business major and swore I'd never become a teacher (even though my mom said I would) and here I am - loving it!! Best decision! Happy to be your newest follower!

    Table Talk with C & C

  8. I know I already emailed you but I had to say it again. I LOVE this blog design. It makes me want to redo mine. :) I always feel bad when people have bad experiences with breastfeeding. Finley was such a little piglet and she was AMAZING at it. And I loved EVERY second of it. Unfortunately, I was only able to do it solidly for about 2 months. When I went back to work I just COULD NOT pump. So that ended that for us. If I am insane enough to have another one ( LOL!) I will probably struggle with it since Fin was so easy. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade
    PS: Have I told you how much I love your blog look? ;)


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