12 Books of Christmas: Freebies, Blog Hop & Giveaway!

I'm excited to be teaming up with 11 other AMAZING bloggers to share some of our favorite Christmas and holiday books in a fun 12 Books of Christmas Blog Hop!
Along with FREEBIES for each book, we are also giving away a copy of each book. Make sure you read all the way to the end of this post to find out how to WIN!
For my book, I chose The Smallest Gift of Christmas by Peter H. Reynolds. I just LOVE Peter H. Reynolds' books: Going Places, Ish, The Dot, The North Star... the list goes on and on! I love that his storytelling is simplistic, yet the messages are so meaningful and easy for children to relate to. So when I saw he had a Christmas book, of course I had to jump on it!
The Smallest Gift of Christmas is about a boy named Roland who is so excited for Christmas! He races downstairs on Christmas morning to find a gift that is, in his opinion, too small. He wishes for a something bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER! He eventually blasts off in a rocket ship, looking for his BIG gift in outer space. As he looks out the window, he sees the Earth getting smaller and smaller, and realizes that the best gift is not actually a gift; it's his home.

One of my favorite things about this book is its size. It measures about 5 inches by 5.5 inches. It's like a small gift in itself :) I put the book under my document camera to make sure my students are able to see the amazing illustrations while I read it.
I use an interactive read aloud daily in my classroom, so my freebie includes questions and discussion prompts you can use while you're reading the book. You can either write them on your own sticky notes or attach sticky notes to a piece of copy paper, run in through your printer, and VOILA! You'll have the prompts printed right on the sticky notes!

Understanding character traits and how characters change throughout a text is HUGE in the Common Core, so I've also included an activity for students to write their thinking about how Roland changes in the story, as well as the theme/message and author's craft. ENJOY!!
 Thanks so much for stopping by! Before you hop onto see my sweet friend, Amanda over at Teaching Maddeness, don't forget to grab my number! Each blogger will have a number at the end of his/her post. Collect all the numbers along the way, and when you're done, add them all up and enter the total number in the Rafflecopter below!
Click on the image above to head over to Amanda's blog!

Happy hopping!


  1. Thank you! I hadn't heard of this book!

  2. This is a cute book~ one that is new to me (: Thank you for sharing!

  3. Sounds like a book I need to read.

    What do I do if I entered the number in the rafflecopter without reading all the instructions and know the number I entered is wrong? I can't get it to pull back up.

    1. Hi there, Caroline! Please email me at angelanerby10@gmail.com. Thanks :)

  4. Angela,
    Thanks for suggesting this book, i will have to add it to my collection. I appreciate you sharing the comprehension questions! Your blog is adorable! :)


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