Building Stamina

We're 8 days in and up to 10 minutes for Read to Self. Being that this is my fourth year using Daily 5/Cafe in my classroom (as well as K-6 school-wide), this is par for the course. I don't have to spend a ton of time going over expectations for Read to Self because they've done it the past two years, which is SO nice!

This year I did something different though. My class this year is very visual, more so than in years past. They also seem to be a competitive bunch... liking to be "challenged" to do something. My lesson on stamina was always a one-and-done, but with a group that needs frequent reminders and practice, I knew that wouldn't cut it. I was inspired by this and this to create these:
I wish I could do more than 15 minutes for Read to Self, but I only have 75 minutes for Daily 5. Once we have Word Work and Listening down pat, I plan on introducing a new way to do Writing. I am super pumped about that, but it will cut into my time even more. However, seeing and discussing these anchor charts on a daily basis is really motivating and keeping the bunnies focused. I'm going to keep riding this wave as long as I can!

Oh, and I'm TOTALLY changing my lesson plans and doing THIS tomorrow! I seriously love you bloggy world! What would I do without you guys???


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