HELLO?! Is Anyone Home???

My apologizes for the hiatus over the past few weeks, but I know you understand... It's back to school season after all! We had a PD day today, three more next week (with Open House next Wednesday), and then the bunnies come back on Tuesday, September 3rd! Ready or not, they're coming!!!

Am I ready? No, but I feel like I'm in a good place. I've only spent one full day in my classroom (yesterday) because I'm too cheap to spend the money to send my kids to day care. So I've been going in a few hours here and there when the hubs gets home from work or on weekends. Actually, I'm quite surprised with how productive I've been. It probably helps that my teammies aren't there when I am, or else I'm sure we'd all turn into Chatty Cathys! My goal is to go in one more time, so that hopefully everything is ready before the inservice days next week.

Unfortunately I have ZERO pics to share with you (although I have posted a few on my Instagram), but don't you worry. I will for sure have a big classroom reveal post coming up... probably next week. To make up my absence to you, I wanted to share with you a couple of freebies I made!

You frog and owl lovers are in luck! My teammies have decided that those are themes they are using this year. So I made these Writing Process Posters:

Click on the pictures above to download. I suggest you print on card stock and laminate. There are two steps on each pages, so you'll have to cut them in half.

Of course I made myself a hippo set, so if anyone wants those, just shoot me an email. I am using the posters as a Status of the Class board. I forgot to take a picture of how they look in my room, but I hung them on the side of a file cabinet. Then I made magnets with each of my students' names, and they will move their name every time they move to the next step during Writer's Workshop.



  1. I do love the frog set, but would love, love, love the hippo set! Thanks so much. What a great idea. Chris

  2. I love those. Thanks for much for sharing. cwhaccent@aol.com

  3. I can't wait to see the photos of your classroom!

  4. Angela,
    I was so excited when I came across your blog and discovered another hippo lover!!! I have collected hippos since I was in 2nd grade. I am starting my 23rd year of teaching 1st grade so that gives you an idea of how long I have collected them. Ha!! I would love your hippo set of the writing process! Thanks so much!! nancy@microclear.com

  5. YAY FOR HIPPOS! Just sent it out to you :)


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