Fall Blog Block Party!

Welcome friends and new friends who stopped over from Primary Junction! I am so excited to be joining in with Heather at Second Grade Perks for...
I am honored to be in the company of 9 other ah-MAZE-ing bloggers who are coming together to throw a little bloggy block party jam packed full of freebies! We're also hosting a pretty sweet giveaway... one item from each of our stores! The giveaway is hosted at Second Grade Perks' blog :)

My freebie is inspired by my bunnies' MAP reading test the other day (groan!). I was seeing lots of fact vs. opinion questions and thought to myself, "Hey! I don't think I have any cute resources for that." So here ya go!

Click on the pic to go to this product in my TPT store!
Fun Fact: I worked at a living history museum during the summer when I was in college that told the stories of Wisconsin immigrants. Most of the buildings I worked in were farm buildings, so I have had my fair share of encounters with farm animals. I've herded runaway pigs and sheep, driven horses, milked cows, and chased chickens out of the woods. When you see this product, you'll notice that I have quite an opinion of chickens... :) Let's just say, the best chicken is the one cooked on my plate!

I hope you like it! Make sure you grab it fast and SAVE IT, because once the bloggy block party is over, I'll be posting this for sale on TPT. Click here to see this product on TPT! Now let's take this party on over to Bright Concepts 4 Teachers!


  1. Thank you so much. The farm task cards are perfect for my class this week.

  2. These are great! Thanks for sharing! Susan

  3. Super cute - thanks!!!


  4. Too cute! Thanks for sharing! PS. Every time I visit your blog it makes me smile...your design is just so cheery!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  5. This is an awesome freebie! I'm so excited to be "working" with you again! :-)

    Primary Junction

  6. Oh cuteness! Thanks for the adorable task cards. My class will love the farm theme. We are studying rural communities so I will work it into my ELA activities around that theme. I am happy we got to work together on this blog hop!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  7. Thank you for sharing your freebie with us! I LOVE your fact/opinion pack...not only working on great skills, but it is cute, cute, cute! You put together a wonderful blog block party...I found several new blogs I didn't know about before.


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