WOO HOO!!! I'm Getting 5 iPads Next Year!!!

Yes, friends, you read that right. I'm getting 5 iPads next year! Can I get a woot woot?!

The tech department gave me one to take home for the summer to experiment and find free apps. My family does have a personal iPad and iPad Mini, but there's something about THIS iPad that is special. Maybe it's the fancy schmancy foam case LOL!
Yes I took a pic of the iPad!
I'm actually happy they only got each of us 5 of them. I feel like if I got a whole class set, I would feel extreme pressure to use them all day, every day, and I don't want the use of the iPads to be forced. I'll take a class set the following year :) Anyway, I just found out about a free app that you must download. It's called Puffin Academy.
Isn't he CUTE?!
This app has partnered with several educational sites that use Flash. So that means my kids can now do Compass Learning on the iPad!!! I haven't had much time to explore, but I'm also seeing ABCya, BrainPOP, Raz Kids (which does have an app, but it doesn't have all the features the site has), and more are supported by this app! The awesome thing is that this app has only whitelisted specific educational sites, so that means they can't be goofing around on other Flash sites. FYI you can also download a free and paid version of Puffin Web Browser that allows you to use any Flash site.

Now it's your turn! What apps do I need to download? Keep in mind that they have to be free (for now... not sure about my district purchasing paid apps in the future). Also, my district is really trying to focus on students using the iPads to show and create new learning, not just for practicing skills. So I'm looking for apps beyond listening to reading sites, Spelling City, Xtra Math, Raz Kids, Class Dojo, etc. THANKS!!


  1. The second graders and I love iCard Sort. The lite version is free. The students can sort anything. :) You make the cards and beam/blast them to the students. We sorted nouns/verbs/adjectives, landforms, facts/opinions, cause/effect, etc… The cards don't get bent or lost and clean up is so easy!

    We also love Kahoot! and Socrative. They are both free web based quiz type applications.

  2. I like pic collage and book creator. I believe pic collage is free. It is like a bulletin board where they can type things and add pictures. Book Creator cost money. I don't remember how much, but students create their own books. My students loved making a book about our field trip to the zoo and a nonfiction animal book.

  3. Also you should look at Nearpod. I saw some pretty cool things done with it. I just haven't explored it to much.

  4. 30 hands is a great app for making presentations. It is connected to a website that isn't as user friendly as the app but the app is so easy to use! The students can take pictures and record their voices. Adobe voice is a other app very similar. It is more clean and sleek but you have to have a minimum of 9 slides.


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