This post is a loonnnggg time coming, but it's finally here... My Classroom Reveal!

I actually snapped these pics about 3 weeks ago, but getting ready for the school year, a long term sub, and a brand new baby has put this blog on the back burner. I finally put the baby down for long enough to get this post written. We're going to start at the door and walk clockwise around the room. Are you ready???
Welcome!! All of my students' names are on chalkboard labels on the door. I also super love my new library book bin--the blue bin by the door. Thanks, Big Lots!
This is my mailbox area.
Guided reading table. I bought that purple cardboard organizer thingy (that's the technical term) to store guided reading supplies. It has six slots, so I'm thinking one slot for each group. Hopefully I won't have more than six groups.
Right next to my reading table is this little book corner. Last year I had this area on the other side of the room on my carpet, but I had a hard time seeing the kids from the guided reading table. So I moved it closer to the table so I can keep an eye on my readers.
 I'm currently standing in the reading corner. Just turned around and snapped a pic :)
 OK, let's keep moving along the back wall. Here's my one student computer... don't worry, there are 25 more right outside my door that I share with the other first and second grade teachers. This one is just for those kids who need to stay in the room. You know who I'm talking about :) On the back board is my "How to Learn" board {freebie coming soon!}, Friend of the Week board, and it's hard to see, but there is a white magnetic curtain rod that I plan to hang anchor charts on. Next year, I will be spray painting it turquoise! Just ran out of time this year. I also have all my Word Work supplies on the other side of the computer {magnet letters, snap cubes, letter beads, etc.}.
 Here's the Word Work table. I also have my word wall back here, which I LOVE! Kids can take the words down and back to their desks, and then return when they're done. What's the point of having a word wall if the kids can't access the words? I also have my Daily 5/CAFE board back here, and on the very end is a space for the Morning Message or if I need to write on the board while the students are on the carpet.
 Here's my carpet and calendar area. I love my chair I got last year from IKEA. Under the table are my $3 IKEA bath rugs for Read to Self. I also have a whiteboard easel for chart paper or writing on.
These bookshelves divide my carpet area into two spaces. It houses my classroom library. The smaller bins are from Really Good Stuff and the larger ones are from Big Lots. I just bought them this summer because some of the bins have a ton of books in them and I needed something sturdier. On the black shelf to the left are all my chapter book series. Books are sorted by topic, genre, author, and a few are called "favorite books." Oh, and don't forget to check out some of my stuffed hippo collection on the top of the shelves :)
 Here's my job chart. Last year I used clothespins for the kids names, but they wouldn't lay flat and were always flopping around when someone walked past. So this year, I just put some velcro dots on each card and made labels with student names. To the right is where students get their papers from {most are for Writer's Workshop}, and on top is where students turn in their work. I have them sort their work by subject to make my grading process easier.
 Along the windows are all of these storage shelves! The blue bins are for student book boxes. I also have math manipulative and other teaching tools stored on these shelves. The bins on top have books organized by Fountas and Pinnell guided reading levels. On most days, I allow my students to self-select their take-home reading book, and this system helps them to choose good fit books.
 OK, don't mind the mess in this corner... These photos were taken right after Open House, so here are all my students' notebooks for the year, and I didn't know where to put them LOL! We use interactive notebooks in 5 subjects in my class :) I wish I would've turned a bit to the left to show you what's on the other side of the table, but.... I didn't. There is a storage cart over there with math manipulatives and extra crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, a stapler... all those fun supplies for those kiddos who've lost their green marker but need to color the grass.
 This is my "hang my head in shame" photo. After 5 years of being desk-less, I asked for my teacher desk back this year. *womp womp* I really don't want it at all, but I am a self professed Paper Queen, and I noticed last year that I was taking up space at student work tables and even my guided reading table with all my junk really important papers. So here it is...... boo.
 SMARTBoard and whiteboard. Like my neon green hippo? I love you, Hobby Lobby!
 Another angle of the front of my room.
 Icky desk, but I had to get this pic so you could see my hippo canvas basket that has all my clip boards in it. I wanted to make some kind of fun display for the front of my desk, but I ran out of time.
And we're back at the door! What do you think? It's too bad I won't be back here until November... really, I mean that! But instead, my long-term sub can enjoy it while I enjoy this little love:

Alright, I need to go pick up the baby and snuggle her now! :)

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  1. It looks good!!! I've been wanting to get rid of my teacher desk but it's where I put all stacks of a papers too. Ugh!

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