WW: Classroom Necessities - Nail Polish Remover

Hi friends! I'm back to share more great ideas with my Weekend Warrior pals!
Again, as I scoured my classroom for my "must have" to share with you, I tried to bring you a necessity that you might not have or know about.

Enter the Sally Hanson Nail Polish Remover.
Yes. It MUST be Sally Hanson. Why? I have no idea! Maybe it has something to do with the acetone. But the knock off/generic brands DO NOT work!

When I buy labels or name tags, I usually laminate them so I can use them from year to year. Then I write the students' names on the lamination with a Sharpie so it doesn't wipe off. But what happens at the end of the year, when you want the PERMANENT marker to come off so you can use it next year? I'm sure most of you have heard of the dry erase marker trick. Just color over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker, give it some elbow grease, and voila! Well, yes, this does work. But I have an EVEN BETTER trick! Just put a little bit of the nail polish remover on a tissue or cotton ball and wipe it off!

These are my birthday cupcakes. Before....
And if you really want to see how fast and amazing this is, here's a video:
I did do a little extra at the end to wipe up some of the liquid left over, but isn't this incredible?! Just make sure you're using this in a well-ventilated space :)

Check out some more must haves from my girls below! Happy Sunday!

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