FIVE: Field Trippin'

I usually link up with my week-in-review post, but we went on a FIELD TRIP today and there's LOTS to tell you!
1. Milwaukee Art Museum
If you ever visit Milwaukee, you need to go to the art museum.
I wish the wings were open today... So beautiful!
Inside the Kalatrava.
2. Creepy Guy
As our docent was leading us through the museum, we came into a room and I caught a glimpse of a guy standing along the wall. He seemed like the kind of guy that you wouldn't normally see in an art museum, if ya know what I mean. I didn't look at him because I didn't want him to think that I was staring or being rude... but then I noticed he wasn't really moving. I kept trying to steal glances out of the corner of my eye, but then I pulled one of those, "I'm just going to turn around and pretend that I'm looking at art, but I'm really looking at you." moves. Turns out he was a sculpture! HA! He scared the you-know-what out of me! Thankfully I'm not afraid to laugh at myself :)
This was the only work of art I took a picture of... LOL!

3. Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
OK, seriously. Wisconsin teachers. You NEED to come here for a field trip! We were a little nervous because we had never been here before. I heard of this place from my cooperating teacher nine years ago. We wanted to do something new this year, so we decided to do their Dinosaur program. This place did NOT disappoint!!!
Not the best pic, but it was a beautiful building.
First we got a little introduction and watched a video. Then we split into our groups. Our teacher was AMAZING! The bunnies did their own dino dig!
Most of the "fossils" we found.
Finished skeleton!
Then our teacher took us down to the beach to look for real fossils. Turns out the land used to be a shallow salt water sea 400 million years ago.
It was so windy and the water was SO loud! Our teacher said that she had never heard it so loud nor seen such big whitecaps! 
Not really sure what this is... I missed the explanation. It kind of looked like a tepee shelter thing. The bunnies loved it!
Here you have it! A REAL FOSSIL! It's a bunch of crinoids.
Someone found an bird of prey dead on the beach and our teacher gave him this bone. LOVELY...
5. Treetop Classroom
Lastly our teacher took us to the Treetop Classroom 60 feet up. We were as tall as a Supersaurus!
I counted. There were 98 steps.
OMG. Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't look down.
So instead I just hung my phone over the fence and snapped this pic!
The view!
I was trying to see you across Lake Michigan, Jean (from Diving into 2nd Grade), but you are too far away :(

This was BY FAR the BEST field trip we had EVER been on!!! We're thinking about making an all-day event out of the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center next year! What has been your favorite field trip you take your kids on?



  1. Sounds like some great field trips - and a vacation idea :)

  2. The creepy guy totally freaked me out. As I was reading your post, I was thinking how in the world did she get a pic of him just standing there.

    The best field trip I ever took my kiddos on is when I taught 5th Grade and we went to a Cave about 2 hours away. It was pretty cool;)


  3. looks real! I would have been very concerned too!
    What an amazing field trip! I don't think I would have been able to go up that high however....huge fear of heights! I take my first graders to a science center every year. It is all hands-on.

  4. Ok, I totally snort laughed at you and the creepy guy/ statue! You would not only have to look across Lake Michigan but halfway across the land. Look at your hand. Point to the center. That is where Big Rapids is. LOL! :) That field trip looks UH-Mazing! Our next trip is in a couple of weeks to the zoo. I can't wait.
    Diving Into 2nd Grade


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