It's been a while since I linked up to Doodlebugs Teaching and Teaching Maddeness...
I'm linking up today because we went to Chocolate Fest last night (see #5). You know you'd do the same if you were in my position!

OK, so I have to brag. I had a little love come in to second grade at a reading level D. LEVEL D! O.M.G. Child didn't leave first grade that low. Experienced what we all know and love: Summer Loss :( We worked and worked and WORKED this year, and guess what?! Little Love is now reading at an M. YES PEOPLE!!! M!!!!! The bunny went from a beginning first grade reading level to end of second grade, meeting grade level expectations! YAY!!!! I am so proud!!!!

We made fossils yesterday. Probably my most favorite project in all of 2nd grade!
Put a golf-ball-sized piece of clay in a punch cup. MUST be a punch cup, as they're wider than regular Solo cups. Smooth it out with your thumbs.
Imprint a dino figure into the clay. Make sure you push in the head, legs, tail, spikes, plates, etc.
Take dino figure out.
Mix Plaster of Paris
Pour plaster into the cup, filling the imprint. Tap it on the table a few times to get rid of the air bubbles and get it into all the spaces and grooves.
Let them dry over a few days. A long weekend... say Memorial Day weekend would be ideal.
Try really hard not to let the plaster splash up onto your face...
....  or get it all over your clothes and hands.
I gotta work harder at that "don't get it all over you" part.

I actually did this with two classes today, as one of my teammies was home with a sick baby, and we thought it would be cruel to make the sub do it. LOL. It was stressful, but fun!

My other teammie had two birthdays in her class yesterday! The birthday bunnies both brought in dirt cake... on purpose! Ha ha ha! I got both! I LOVE dirt cake :)
SO delish!
Don't forget about the Classroom Quick Tips linky that Jean and I are hosting on Thursdays!
You can still link up with a quick tip that makes life in your classroom easier :)

There is a Nestle factory in my town, and every Memorial Day weekend, the city holds Chocolate Fest. Now now, don't get too excited. You get a fun-sized Crunch bar when you come in, but that's pretty much it. It's your typical small town carnie, but fun can still be had by all!
The kiddos LOVED this puppet show. It was quite possibly the most annoying thing EVER!
Train Ride! 
Putting out fires!
Bumper cars (that didn't work)
Met up with my brother in law and sister in law. They snapped a pic in front of this REALLY CREEPY  automated music show.
The dragon roller coaster.
We went home, got our jammies on, then came back to watch the fireworks. This is one way we entertained ourselves while we waited for them to start.
Ooooohhh! Ahhhhh!!!

Happy Memorial Day and 3 day weekend!!! :D


  1. Love the fossil project. You should see me at the end of the day. I'm such a mess on a regular basis that our staff doesn't even comment. Nice toread about your little one doing so well-great to see kids succeed! Have great weekend with that cute family!

  2. Wow, congrats on your little readers making so much progress!! That's such an awesome feeling :) I love your fossils idea - I bet the kids LOVE it! Happy Memorial Day!

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. Your fossil project totally looked worth the mess {easy for me to say, I know!} I'm sure the kids loved it! You should be bragging about your mad skills as a reading teacher - that's awesome! Congrats! Enjoy the long weekend!

    Lucky to Be in First

  4. Hi Angela!
    Your DIRT dessert is one of my personal addictions!! LOVE it!
    And I am so excited for your little that reached a level M! Way to go!
    Have a great weekend!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  5. that's the best teacher feeling isn't it???? Great job!

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  6. I found your blog through the linky party. Wow! congrats to that little one for that growth. I teach first grade and I love the growth these students make. That fossil activity looks awesome. I am your newest follower.
    First Grade A to Z

  7. Hey!

    I love your fossil project! You are much braver than me! :-). Enjoy your weekend!!!

    The Bilingual Teacher

  8. Ok, so I'm completely inspired by your projects. I'm guilty of loving the idea of doing some things but sometimes on the day I'm just a little too tired to get too messy! But I'm gonna go for it! lol... thanks for the ideas - they're great, and love the pictures to help us relate.
    Whimsy Workshop 

  9. I'm your newest follower! Come on over to to check it out.

  10. Congrats on taking that little friend from D to M - amazing! :) A little crunch bar? I was all prepared to come visit for Chocolate Fest!! Hmph! ;P

    Teaching Maddeness


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