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Listening: I'm torn. I've been a Red Wings fan for as long as I can remember, but tonight they're playing the Buffalo Sabres. One of my brother's childhood friends plays for the Sabres (Drew Stafford), so we always cheer for him, but....... GO RED WINGS!!!

Loving/Needing: So we got a call Sunday afternoon that our daughter's day care had flooded during the night. They were in the process of getting a new roof, and I guess the roofers didn't put the tarps on correctly. Her day care would be closed on Monday. Ugh. Great. Then on Monday we got another call that it was a lot worse than they thought, and now they wouldn't be open until Thursday. THURSDAY!!! Thankfully the hubs was able to take off on Monday, my dad and a lady from church helped out on Tuesday, and then I had to take a personal day today. I was annoyed at first, but it turned out to be a super fun day with my baby girl. We went to the zoo and had lunch.
Happy Hump Day!
It's been fun, but after 3 days of scrambling, we are ready to get back into our routine tomorrow.

Thinking: I love Thursdays. Why, you ask? Well, I have a 40 minute music prep in the morning and an 80 minute art prep in the afternoon. It's so amazing! So far this year I have been able to get my weekly newsletter written and a great head start on my lesson plans for the upcoming week.

Wanting: Speaking of my newsletter, does someone want to write it for me? Because I really don't...

Treat: I whipped this up the other day to practice checking for understanding after Read to Self. I wasn't planning on sharing it because it's not overly cute, but hey, it gets the job done.
Click on the pic!


  1. Hi Angela! You have such a cute blog!!! That stinks about the daycare situation. I don't know what my husband and I would do if that happened. Our families live an hour away. I love the Check for Understanding paper you made. We are focusing on that as well this week. I LOVE Daily 5!
    That First Grade Blog

  2. Wow! I would be in love with Thursdays too if I had your schedule. That sounds incredible! Want to trade schedules? I am glad you got some spontaneous girl time with your little sweetie pie! Jealous!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  3. I like your freebie. I am not into overly cute. Thank you for sharing it.


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