Christmas Writing Project *FREEBIE* and Winners!

So we've been working on adjectives this week, and I wanted to tie in something festive and Christmasy. So I went to my new favorite *FREE* clip art website: and found some adorable clip art. I created five different pages for the kiddos to choose from: elf, Santa, Christmas tree, reindeer, and snowman. They will neatly color the picture FIRST, then brainstorm six adjectives and complete a web. I debated if I wanted them to color first or at the end, but I opted for them to do it first because then their adjectives could include the colors in their drawings. The last step would be to write a story about their picture using the adjectives. Here are some of the pages I made:
This is available to you for FREE in my TPT Store. Just click here!

Also, I did the official, "Pick two numbers between 1 and 5" to the hubs and he picked 1 and 3. So congrats to Cheri and Primary Possibilities for winning my Nonfiction Genres Posters! Check your emails! You can still pick up a copy of the posters by clicking on the picture below.
Have a great night!


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