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Ugh! Yesterday I went to update an image in my 102 Follower Giveaway post from Sunday and BAM! The ENTIRE thing DISAPPEARED!! I banged on the "undo" button, ferociously clicked "Revert to Draft" a BAZILLION times, exited without saving, said a little prayer, but it was no use... my post was gone. I have ZERO idea why it happened. I almost started to cry! I got the bare-bones back up and running last night so people could at least see the prizes and enter the giveaway, but I just finished reconnecting all the links to the TPT stores/blogs tonight. I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. Because of my technical difficulties, I'm actually extending the giveaway until Friday at midnight! YAY! Click on the hippo below or HERE to go to the post and enter!


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  1. It happens! Hang in there. :) I posted about your giveaway tonight. It looks like it is going great!
    Learning 4 Keeps


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