Pinterest Party: Holiday Style!

On the last day before Winter Break, I always have a holiday party. We're always "All Business" in my class, but it's tricky to wrangle 22 second graders just DAYS before SANTA is coming!!! For the last five years my students have made gingerbread houses out of milk cartons, graham crackers, sugary frosting, and assorted candies. It's always fun to see the end product, but I really didn't like doing it. 1. I have to make two vats of frosting, using a total of 6 pounds of powdered sugar and 36 egg whites. Not healthy on multiple levels. 2. They're kind of a pain to build, especially when you're putting the roof on. 3. The mess is ridiculous. 4. I always have a TON of leftovers (that I don't need/want) 5. My room reeks like sugar 6. I can only imagine what parents think when it comes home. Sure it's cute the first day or two, but how do you convince the kiddo that it's time to throw it away? I just don't want to create problems for my students' families.

TIME FOR A CHANGE! I had no idea what to do, so I did what all good teachers do... look on Pinterest! Check out my Christmas in the Classroom board HERE.

Here's my plan. First there will be 3 stations:
Station 1: Magic Reindeer Food. Here's the recipe. How cute is this?! After making the reindeer food, students will decorate a sign and tie it to their bag. Here's the sign I made. Click on it to pick up your own FREE copy!
Station 2: Santa Snack.
Unfortunately, the original blogger took down his/her blog... but it looks like a graham cracker, marshmallows, white frosting, red frosting, gum drops, and red hots. YUM! I haven't decided yet WHEN they will eat it... see below.

Station 3: Crayon Ornament Craft and Silver Bells Matching Game.
For the ornaments, you put crayon shavings in between waxed paper, then iron it to melt the crayon shavings. Then put the paper inside an ornament frame, punch a hole, tie a ribbon, and voila! Super cute Christmas craft! I don't think the ornaments will take that long, so when they're done, the can play the Silver Bells matching game. When they get a match, they can eat the Kisses! 

When we're done rotating through stations, I thought I'd show a short Christmas cartoon movie and they can eat snacks. This will also allow time for clean up. I'm still debating if they should eat their Santa Snack after they make it, or wait and eat it during the movie. Since we'll be sugared up for the beginning of the party, I was thinking healthy snacks for the movie: clementines, carrots and dip, pretzels... not too much food though. I've had too much food before and it can take FOREVER to get it all passed out.

Well it all looks good on paper, right? LOL! I have about an hour and 15 minutes for all of this. I think that's doable. I'll just make sure they're all packed up before we go outside for recess, so we can PARTY once we get back inside :)

What are your Holiday/End of the "Year" party plans?



  1. Oh my goodness those stained glass ornaments are to die for. I also love the santa cookies. I love the reindeer food idea too. You're just so full of great ideas!
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out!

    The Hive

  2. Thanks so much. What great ideas. I will use them at my Kindergarten in Budapest. Eric


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