Just So We're All on the Same Page...

OK, so the more I think, the more I feel the need to get my definitions of "interactive notebook" and "flipped classroom" out there... so you know where I'm coming from.

Interactive Notebook: a place where students can take information from the teacher and merge it with their own thinking.  It's usually done in a spiral notebook with a "left side" and a "right side." On the right side, students write down the info from the teacher, whether it be plain old notes or a handout, graphic organizer, foldable, etc. glued right into the notebook On the left side, students record their own thoughts about the information to demonstrate understanding. There are lots of recommendations as to how to set it up (skipping the first few pages, numbering pages, gluing pockets at the front/back of the notebook, etc.), but to me, that's "interactive notebooks" in a nutshell.

Flipped Classroom: So I'm totally stealing this from the tech integrator in my district.  
"The Flipped Classroom model of instruction means that instead of lectures occurring in the classroom and assignments being done at home, the opposite occurs.  students watch videos at home that "teach" or deliver the content.  Then, in class, they work with the information in class, therefore getting more teacher assistance with the higher level application of the information."
Sara has an awesome website HERE to learn more!  She's basically taught me everything I know about flipped classrooms (not like I know a ton...), so I might as well direct you straight to the source :)

These are my working definitions of these two terms.  If I'm missing something or totally off-base, let me know :)

Deer in the Headlights

I've wanted to start a blog for the last few months, but I had no idea what to write about.... until now. I am a second grade teacher, and I after I attended a workshop on using interactive notebooks and incorporating the 9 strategies (from the book Classroom Instruction that Works), I totally want to use interactive notebooks in my classroom... except my students are so young! How am I going to do this?? Then the following week I started going to a technology in the classroom class and learned more about flipped classrooms. And I want to do this too!! Except, same problem... little kids! There HAS to be a way I can use and merge these two ideas into one, even though I'm a primary teacher. I started this blog so I can think out loud (so to speak): reflect, modify, improve, adapt, change... you know, all of those fancy words to really put the learning back into the hands of the 7 and 8 year old eager and excited bunnies (yes, I call my students "bunnies." I don't know why, I've been doing it ever since I started teaching)!

ANYWAY... the reason for the title of this post: Deer in the Headlights. I was so proud of myself for actually mustering up the courage, putting myself out there, and creating the blog. Then I started clicking around and was completely overwhelmed by the backside of the blog. I'm sure if I click around enough, I can figure it out. But for now, I need a break. I'm off to work on my Weebly site for my technology class. I'll share that with you all later... all zero of you, since nobody knows I made this. Maybe someday I'll get a reader or two :)

PS: this post has taken me FOREVER to write... I guess I just want it to be perfect! Hopefully they all won't take so long in the future! :)
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