FINALLY DONE! Mighty Math for the WHOLE YEAR!!!

Stick a fork in me, I'M DONE! I feel this saying is especially fitting with Thanksgiving right around the corner! :)
If you're new to Mighty Math, click here or here to read more about it!

I have a love-hate relationship with Mighty Math.

Everything! It's a quick snapshot of every single 2nd grade CCSS. Most of my kids can whip these out in 15 minutes! Then I pull groups of kids for reteaching and extra practice for those who need it. I can catch mistakes along the way, rather than finding out at the end of the grading period that Johnny has no idea how to tell time. Here's a few pictures of my grade book... don't mind my chicken scratchings :)
I put a star in the box if they got it right and a check in the box if it's wrong. Usually I'll write a quick note about what the problem was or what went wrong. This Little Love clearly will need extra help when we get to our measuring unit. In the meantime, I am meeting with him (and others who struggle with this strand) for reteaching and practice.
With this grading sheet, I can easily tell where we need extra practice: time, money and graphing, anyone?
The cloud over my head to get these all done. I literally spent 12 hours yesterday (10AM-10PM) working on these to finish them up. My poor children... I even took the laptop with me to work in the car on the way to dinner!


Want to win the WHOLE SET?! I'll be giving away two!
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Now that I'm done with these assessments, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself... LOL! Onto the next project, whatever it might be!

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