Lice in the Classroom

Last month, I had lice in my house.

Yep. I said it. I'm admitting it on the World Wide Web.

 I'll spare you the saga, but basically, both of my daughters AND I had it. I spent 2 days trying to fight it myself. When I realized I was not only losing the battle, but losing my sanity as well, I waved the white flag and called The Lice Lady. Yes, she's a thing. No, that's not technically her name. She has a machine that kills all live lice and dehydrates the nits so that they all die, and then she combs them all out. She is a MIRACLE WORKER, I tell ya.

While we were there, I picked her brain about treatment/prevention, so today I want to share some of the things I learned. A lot of this info was new to me, and I was able to take this knowledge back to my classroom.
Do you have lice in your classroom? DON'T PANIC! This blog post gives tips and busts myths for these irritating insects.
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