Monday Made It: July 29th

Love how Tara's linky keeps me motivated to work on projects this summer :)
Here's what I've been working on this week:
Every year I give my students retelling ropes when we learn about retelling. And every year, usually 4-5 of the retelling ropes are either missing or in our class's Lost and Found by the end of the first week. And every year, maybe 4-5 students have their ropes by the end of the year.

So I decided to make my students book marks!
Front... I made this one for me :)
Back... LOVE this quote :)
Here they all are!
I bought the chevron card stock from Michael's and typed up all of my bunnies' names. I put four on a page.  Then I typed the Dr. Seuss quote on the back and snagged the picture of the Cat in the Hat off the internet. Because his mug is on them, I don't think it would be legit to share the template with you guys... I'm pretty sure there are copyright laws against using anything Dr. Seuss... But they were super easy to make; I know you can do it! Anyway, each book mark has the retelling rope attached to it. It's just a piece of fuzzy yarn (I found it with the all the baby yarns) that I've tied 7 knots into. Hopefully, these book marks will mean that less retelling ropes will be lost. And maybe the bunnies can stop using my sticky notes for book marks :)
My BBB Jean at Diving Into 2nd Grade sent me some hippo chip clips! Isn't she the BEST?! That's one of the perks about being obsessed with hippos (or any other obscure animal): when people see hippo things, they think of me and give them to me! I decided I'd use them in my classroom!
I attached a business card magnets to the back. The top one I'm going to hang outside my classroom door, and my students will clip their Gotcha cards in it. Gotchas are a K-2 incentive program at my school. The bottom one is a little self-explanatory. I'm going to hang that clip on my front board. 
I updated my Main Idea Mania unit!

I added four additional passages that are 2-3 paragraphs in length. I noticed that the Common Core wants second graders to determine the main idea of multi-paragraph passages, and the other passages are a single paragraph. Here are the new ones!

If you've purchased this unit, please redownload it :)

Not school related, but you NEED to see this! Some work friends and I did The Color Run on Sunday. I made tutus for a few of us... those of us who didn't already have tutus!

They were pretty easy to make, just time consuming. It took me about 2 hours to cut all the tulle into 2-inch strips. I used my rotary cutter and mat, which made it go super fast. Each tutu had 10 yards of tulle on it for supreme poofiness. Each one took about another hour to tie all the strips on. I found out after I was done that I should have folded them in half before I tied them on, but I liked how they were longer.

The whole group before the run.
The group from my school afterwards. See how the girls on the end have different tutus? Theirs are rainbow tutus that have the strips folded in half.
We had so much fun! I highly recommend this race, even if you're not a runner. There were so many walkers and run/walkers. 

I'm off to see what everyone else made!


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Student Christmas Gifts

Say what? Christmas??? But it's July!


Thanks to Cara over at The First Grade Parade for throwing this fantastic linky party!
Originally posted December 20, 2012... yes, ONE DAY before my students left for Winter Break!
Every year I use my Scholastic bonus points to "buy" my students a Christmas/Winter book for Christmas. WEELLLLLL... this year I TOTALLY forgot to submit my order until LAST SATURDAY! I was convinced there was NO WAY my order would be here in 6 days (two of those days being weekend days...). I waited and waited, holding out hope, with no back up plan, and today... SURPRISE! My package arrived! YAY!!!

I was opening the box after school, taking out the books so I could take them home and wrap them, when my teammate stopped in my room to say goodbye. She saw what I was doing and suddenly said, "Is that the book with all the swears in it?" Wha wha WHAATTT?!?!? She read the back cover to me, and it was something about the kids beating each other up, lying, stealing, smoking cigars and swearing! And I was going to send this home to some of my sweet 2nd graders??? I don't think so! I was SHOCKED that Scholastic even sold a book like this. Have you heard of it?
Now I actually have never read the book, so I don't know if it's as bad as it sounds, but I'm not about to chance it. I ordered it in the first place because I noticed it was a higher level (P or Q I think?) so I thought it would be a good read for my high kids. Yeeaahhh, not so much...

Now I was REALLY in panic mode! Tomorrow's the last day of school and I have NOTHING!! I wandered around aimlessly at Walmart tonight for 45 minutes, wracking my brain. Then the light bulb went on! I ended up with this:

It's a box of crayons and a note pad tied together with a little sign I made that says "May your days be merry and bright!"What kid doesn't love new crayons? I don't know if I can take full credit for this. I may or may not have seen something like this on Pinterest or another teacher blog, but I honestly can't remember. If it's your idea or you know where it came from, let me know :) I am very happy with how they turned out, especially on such short notice.

I'm sure you are all ahead of the game and already have your Christmas gifts put together, so keep this in the back of your mind for next year. Maybe even around the Back to School season. You could buy the school supplies for cheap then and just store them for a few months.

One more day! WE CAN DO THIS!!

So why am I bringing this post back now? Because of all the Back to School sales going on! I haven't checked on crayons, but my Walmart has a pack of those mini notebooks; 4 for $0.88! I think I paid a dollar each in December! I will be stocking up this summer and storing the supplies until Christmastime :) If you want a copy of the labels I made, click here


Hey Second Grade Teacher Friends! Is it just me, or does it seem like there aren't a lot of second grade blogs to follow? Or when you're shopping on TPT, the K-2 products seem too easy, yet the 3-5 stuff is way too hard?

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Look who's participating!
Shout out to Corinna at Surfin' Through Second for this BEAUTIMOUS button! :)
I KNOW! I'M SO EXCITED!!! Here's a closer look:

The easiest way to grab your freebies is to start at Tori's Teacher Tips' Facebook page, as she has all of our links in one convenient place. You'll also notice that she has a Rafflecopter on the page. That's because we all decided to throw in a Winner's Choice from our TPT stores for our Bloglovin' followers as well! That's right! You could win 23 products just for following us on Bloglovin'!!! Here are our Bloglovin' links:

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