BEACH BASH! Singular, Plural, and Possessive Noun Party

Nothing drive's me more nut's than when friend's add -'s to any word that end's in -s! OK, that last sentence is making me twitch, and I'm having a really hard time allowing it in this post!!

I'm a high ranking member of the Grammar Police. Here's a PSA for today:
The bunnies think it's pretty hilarious when I put on my "angry face," jump up and down, and shout this sentence at them. I'm half joking, but mostly serious. Why is it that kids {and some adults too!} always stick in an apostrophe whenever a word ends with -s?

To combat this problem, I created this:
Click on the image above to see it in my TpT store!
It was really cold and cloudy here in Wisconsin when I came up with the idea, so I decided to take us to the beach to work with different kinds of nouns. Here's what's included:
I'd love to give away a few copies! Leave a comment {including your email address!} telling me what's your favorite thing to do at the beach. The hubs and I are headed to Cabo San Lucas in 99 days {without kids!!}, and I need to start getting mentally prepared :)



  1. I want one of those!! The beach? what is that?? It's been a LONG time but I LOVE the sand, waves, shells :)
    Have a fun trip.. I'm jealous!
    Tori's Teacher Tips

  2. I always dread teaching the apostrophe for possessives because right after I teach the lesson it shows up before every "s"! Your unit looks fantastic.

    If I were at the beach with no kids my favorite thing to do would be read.
    When I am with my kids my favorite thing to do is to use the boogie boards!
    Looking From Third to Fourth

  3. Beach in Wisconsin! You don't live in Pulaski like me! My favorite activities at the beach-sand writing and kite flying!

  4. I love reading on the beach, though holding a sleeping baby on the beach is right up there.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans
    mrsosullivangrade3 (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. This looks AWESOME! I am an unofficial member of the grammar police as well :) Incorrect grammar irks me!

    My favorite thing to do at the beach is at the end of the day, after we've spent a day splashing in the waves and playing in the sand, I love to change into fresh clothes, buy ice cream, and walk along the beach watching the sun set. Ahhh brings me back to my honeymoon in the Cayman Islands :)

    Joy in the Journey

  6. This looks great Angela! I took Fin to the beach for the first time last summer and she loved it. I guess my favorite thing to do would be to hold a giggling girl while waves crash around us. :)

  7. When we go to the beach, my boys and I love playing in the sand and making sand castles!

  8. I love to sit in the sand and soak up the vitamin d!

  9. Have a good holiday, Angela! I like to build sandcastles with the kids when we are at the beach.

  10. My favorite thing would be to listen to the waves and read a book while enjoying the warm sunshine!

  11. I love walking on the beach. Slowly. Listening to the ocean meet the sand. Breathing slows, stress dissipates. Have fun!

  12. I love diving into the water, then floating on top of it! Our water is so majestic!


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