Five for... Saturday? Works for Me!

First things first...
From my family to yours...
We'd like to wish you a Happy National Corn Dog Day!
we should own stock in a corn dog company or something!
I'm thisclose to melting down. (said in whiney voice) Is it Spring Break yet???

No. It's not. Sad face.

Don't get me wrong. Love the kids. Love my job. Also love my sanity. And everyone just needs a BREAK!

I honestly wasn't planning on linking up this week. But I saw how much fun everyone else is having, so I fell to the pressure.
Thanks Kacey for bringing us all together on Friday... or Saturday... :)

This week is going to be short and sweet.

1. It's Not Spring Break Yet.
But we're counting down the days!!!
This pic is from Monday. In case you're wondering... four days! FOUR DAYS!!! We can do this!
My teammie and I put this little ditty together. I think it's sunshiney and fun. And the kids love it too! :)

2. Measuring Madness!
We began our measuring unit. Here we are measuring in meters. First we estimated. I was super impressed by how the kiddos figured out (ON THEIR OWN!!!) that a giant step was about a meter and they were using this strategy to help them estimate. Cheating? Nahhh! It's called being resourceful!
Working in small groups to check their estimates.
3. Native Americans
We had our Social Studies test on Tuesday. On Monday I put the bunnies in groups to do a little review game. It's so easy for teams/kids who are not having their turn to space out. So that everyone is engaged, the teams who were not having their turn could earn one point by answering the question correctly. We are still working on being quiet, so that other teams don't hear the answers...
4. Xtra Math
Have you heard of this site?
I'm planning on writing a detailed post about it when my brain isn't all melty.

5. Mighty Math
Again, more to come. But basically I'm working on a product that is a weekly formative assessment to check the CCSS for math. Stay tuned!

OK, that was longer than I intended. I'm off to my classroom tomorrow. My rockstar Mom is coming to help me get organized. Seriously. If you need someone who is organized, focused, efficient, and no-nonsense when it comes to throwing things away, that would be my mom.

Night night!


  1. I am with ya sister! I NEED that break. Yes, we had a bajillion snow days this year but it is SO hard to get the kiddo's back on track. But then this month has been SO busy...between reading month activities, 2 professional developments, getting ready for the musical, the science fair....I am BEAT!
    Looking forward to hearing about both of your math things.
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  2. I love that you said sad face.. because I feel the exact same way.:)

    The 4th Grade Journey

  3. I just wanted you to know I Love your blog! I'm sure you already knew that, but I wrote about my love for your blog on mine. Check it out!


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