Made It Monday: Book Hospital

I'm excited to link up with my very first Made It Monday! Thanks to 4th Grade Frolics for organizing!
I'll be honest, I don't get a whole lot done around here with an almost three year old and a nine month old. But when I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew I had to do it! It looked like something I could whip up during the Littles' afternoon nap. Unfortunately, the image doesn't link back to a blog, but I think the idea itself is mentioned in the Daily 5 book.

Paperback books don't last forever, and that's especially true in a primary classroom. At least once a week I have a student bring me a book with a page (or ten) that is ripped or falling out. I tell them to put it on my desk and I'll fix it. The book usually ends up swallowed up in the abyss I call my desk under a mountain of "stuff" (I'm a self-proclaimed "Paper Queen," and therefore appear to be a disorganized mess. But I do know where everything is!:) This looks to be a great way to keep the books separate from my teacher stuff, with the hope that I can get it back to the bunnies sooner rather than later.

Mine is called a Book Hospital. I went to WalMart and got a gray dishwashing tub for 97¢ in the back to school/college area. They also had white, pink, and blue... I wasn't too crazy on the style or color options, but the cost won out over all those things. Then I went to the craft section to look for foam letters, except the ones they had were super small and not cute. I contemplated going to a teacher, craft, or hobby store, but I live in the sticks, and the nearest store is 45 minutes away :( So instead I bought red glitter glue for $1.97 and decided to look for a sign online.  I found this cute one here. I shrunk it down, taped it with clear packing tape, and decorated the rim with the glitter glue. Here's how it turned out:
Close up of the top:
I like how it turned out :) Stay tuned for next Monday... I'm working on a super cute activity for my son's birthday party!


  1. Love it! I saw it on Pintrest too and was planning on making it as well. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. Cute basket.
    Stop by soon.
    I am having a Linky about your All Time Favorite Teacher.


  3. Love your book hospital! I would never have thought to use glitter glue to jazz it up. You just added another thing to my to do list!

    Blessings of Teaching

  4. Thank you so much for the Book Hospital idea. I love it. My kindergartners always bring me books that need taped or stapled. It is sometimes impossible to take care of it right then.

    I'm your newest follower.


    A Rainbow of Teaching

  5. That is adorable! I LOVE it!

    I am so glad I found your blog. I am a new follower. If you get the chance, I would love for you to come and check out our Hug your Heart jar. =)

    Heather's Heart

  6. This is such a good idea! And yours is very cute! Love it!

    Second Grade is Sweet!

  7. I love these!!! I also love your hippo hooray! My son has always loved hippos--so you would have been a perfect 2nd grade teacher for him. He is now going into fourth! Did you know that hippos will come up to breath while they are asleep--amazing! I'm your newest follower. I would love to have you stop by and visit my blog!

    1. I've never had a student who loved hippos... we would have had a BLAST!! I did know that about hippos! One of my favorite hippo facts is that hippos don't swim; they are buoyant and bounce along the bottom of the river. :) Heading over to your blog now!


  8. Love it! I nominated you for an award and just saw that you already have it. I would love it if you stopped by anyway :-)


  9. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!


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