Classroom Reveal... FINALLY!!

Seriously. Took me FOREVER to finish my classroom. And if I went back tomorrow, I could still find something to work on. Let's go on a little tour, shall we?

WARNING: Picture overload!
Welcome to my classroom! This was the inspiration for the name of my blog :)
Here is the mailbox area, paper storage, and where kids turn in their homework.
 Horse shoe table with all of my guided reading and running records supplies close at hand.
 File cabinets. I store copies above. I also am putting the big pillows over here this year. I love how they're out of the way!
 This will be the Word Work table. My birthday board is above, and in the space where the phone should be (I need to find a smaller cord so I can attach it back to the wall...), I will hang my Parts of Speech posters once I teach them.
The big hippos supervise from above the wardrobe cabinet :)
 I have one student computer in my classroom for kiddos who need a little more supervision. There are 25 others in the break out, right outside my classroom.
 Cafe Board, more pillow storage, clipboards, and vocab binders.
 Word Wall, work tables, job chart, and an open space for the Morning Message
Carpet area. I LOVE my "Big Brown Chair." Got it at Good Will for $10 (my mom talked them down LOL). I love how low it is to the ground. I feel like I'm still at the kiddos' level, even though I'm sitting in a chair. It can be a little tricky to get out of though...
Calendar and Morning Meeting area
 Leveled book bins. Notice the empty shelves. This is where I store students' Book Boxes for Read to Self. Where are the book boxes, you ask? I have no clue!! I ordered new ones with school money, but the order never came! I'm kind of freaking out!!
 Books arranged by genre, topic, theme, series... This is also where most of my hippo collection resides. I was working on new hippo book basket labels for an hour and then Word totally froze up and I lost it all :( I'll get back on that when I stop feeling sorry for myself.
 My new bookshelf, argyled of course! This shelf has mostly chapter book series.
 Sink and pencil sharpening area. My mom made the curtain for me 8 years ago, which hides all the tissue boxes and plastic storage bags. I want to find some hippo fabric and redo it.
My desk. I am a firm believer in not having a huge desk area. More space for the kiddos. I got rid of my huge teacher desk 4 years ago because it was just a dumping ground for me.
My hippo figurines on my desk :)
Math manipulative storage in the bins, extra coloring supplies, scissors, glue, whiteboards on top. This table is used mostly during writing time for kids to have peer conferences.
 This cart has student paper in it... writing paper, recycled paper for drawings, graphic organizers for writer's workshop, spelling test/pretest papers... On top is where students turn in their work. They sort it for me, which I LOVE!
SMARTBoard.... squeee!!!!!
 Front board, all ready for Tuesday! Normally I list goals for each subject area, but it will be a day or two until that since we'll be establishing routines for most of the first week.

You probably noticed that the walls are very bare. That's because I like to hang up anchor charts once we've learned about the topic/skill. I learned that trick from going to a Sisters workshop a few years ago. I find it's more meaningful when you create it together and then hang it up.

Ready or not, here they come! GAME ON!

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