Community Project Part 2 {includes planning sheet}

Earlier this week, the bunnies turned in their Community Projects they've been working on for three. Weeks. Read all about it HERE! I had a request for the planning sheet I used for this project. You can pick that up HERE! I also included the parent letter that explains what the project is all about.

Here are a few more of my favorites. I snapped some photos of projects that were simpler... I seem to be drawn to the ones that were clearly completed by the student with little to no help from the parents. To me, those are the best ones! :)

Love how this kiddo parked the car in the parking lot!

This kiddo put wooden animals and barns on his! The corn is a nice touch too :)

The bridge is super creative!

This student was SO proud of her community! It's called Candy Town and the streets and buildings are named after kinds of candy. There are even Swedish fish in the pond! Oh, and the main street is shaped like a candy cane!

Love all the little details! The speed limit sign, cross walk, trees and swings in the park... So sweet!


  1. How did you grade these projects?

    1. It was basically a "did you do it, or not?" grade, since families were encouraged to help out. I did use them for a portion of our Economics test, though. Kids had to bring their communities to me, and I asked them to tell a place that provided goods and a place that provided services.

  2. Where did you get your green tagboard? I am trying to find the bets price.

    1. I'm sorry, I don't know. My previous school's office provided it for us.


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