When I was in Second Grade.... and Award x6 and GIVEAWAY!

Kate at Second Grade Sparkle is having a super fun linky party, "When I was in _____ Grade." 

I searched high and low for my second grade school picture, but I couldn't find it. I remember the photo so well. I was wearing my favorite outfit: a hot pink dress/leggings one-piece number with black polka dots and fake suspenders. Boy was I COOL! And BEAUTIFUL!! At least I thought so... I bet my mom still has that photo framed in her living room, next to all the other family photos. It sure was a winner! *sigh*

Instead you'll have to settle with my third grade class picture...

Oh jeez.... My mom made a lot of my clothes growing up, and she made me this lovely frock. Thanks Mom...

One thing I do remember about second grade (besides the fact that I LOVED my teacher, Mrs. Schultz), was that on May 10th, we had this crazy snow storm and got like 8 inches of snow! I live in Wisconsin, so we usually have a snow day or two every year, but in May?!?!? On May 10th every year, I always tell this story to my second grade class, and they get such a kick out of it!
That's me in my snow fort!
I wish I could say I was cuter in my tween/teen years, but no. Not at all, actually. Ahhh.. the awkward phase, complete with braces for FOUR years. Yeah, I'll spare you those pictures. Instead, here's me now with my first birthday princess:

OK, I really have to get crackin' on my school work. The trimester is over on Friday and I have a TON of assessments to grade so I can finish up my report cards... which go out a week from today! YIKES!! 



  1. So cute!! Love that snow picture, too!! Thanks for linking up! :)

    Second Grade Sparkle

  2. OH MY GOSH! Angela! Pack your bags and move to MI so we can be best friends. Mexican is MY FAVE and you can cook it for me anytime you want! :) When my husband and I were first married and living far from home this really sweet family at our church " adopted" us and would have us over for family functions all the time. They were like 3rd generation Mexican and made THE best food. Sometimes I literally drool just thinking about it. :)Plus, I think you and I would have looked SO stylish together....you with your hot pink unitard ensemble and suspenders and me with my denim shirt that had lace patches on the shoulders and my stretchy pants with stirrups that I put OVER my shoes.Ah memories. LOL.

  3. Love the pictures!! My mom made tons of my stuff growing up too. In fact, we had quite a few matching mom, daughter, and doll outfits. ;)



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