Five for Friday: August 9th


Actually it was back last week, but as usual, I'm late to the party. Not today though :)

I'm lovin' the new button!

1. I'm sure you haven't heard a thing about this Educents MEGA deal (that's me being funny and sarcastic).
My friends and I keep going on and on about it because it's seriously AMAZING!! 26 products (worth over $200) for $29.99. $29.99!!! Yes I have this, and yes I LOVE this!!! Click here if you want to read my blog post about it, and click here to go to the bundle on Educents. You have less than 3 days to pick this up, and once it's gone, IT'S GONE! You don't want to miss out, do you? DO YOU?! :)

2. I posted the first quarter of my 2nd grade formative math assessments the other day:
Click here if you want to read about it; click here if you want to see it in my TPT store. Someone asked if I'm planning on doing the rest of the year, and the answer is... YES! In fact, I'm currently working on the 2nd quarter :) I did a little giveaway, and the winner is...... Deanne Marie! Check your email, Deanne! If you didn't win, you can grab the assessments in my TPT store. They're 20% off until tonight!

3. Yesterday was my son's birthday. He is now a big FOUR year old. Makes this mama sad that he's getting so big. Here are some pics from our day yesterday:

We covered his bedroom floor with balloons!
We went to the zoo in the morning with friends!
When Papa got home from work, we went mini golfing!

Then we went out to dinner and had cupcakes for dessert!
4. We are going to the Wisconsin State Fair today! State Fair is AMAZING! We usually go on my son's birthday, but the hubs had to work yesterday. Here are some pics from when we went last Saturday:
Selfie on the Sky Glider
Our view from the Sky Glider
You gotta take a ride on the Giant Yellow Slide!
Roller coaster ride
I don't do tea cups...
5. I was having a hard time coming up with the last one so I'll leave you with this...

This is my baby girl, who is currently pretending to be a monster while I write this post. She is growling at me and trying to scare me. Are ya scared? :)


  1. Your little girl is precious! They grow up too quickly, don't they?! It's nice that your son's birthday is in the summer so you can spend extra time with him. Too cute with all the balloons--what a good mama!

    Mandy :)
    The 4th Grade Journey

  2. Thank you! Thank you! This is an awesome product! Your daughter is adorable!!!

  3. I love the fair! :) All of that yummy food is more than enough reason for me to go! :) Your family is so adorable :)
    Just Keep Teaching


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