IT'S HERE! Second Quarter Mighty Math!!!

It took me longer that I thought it would, but it's FINALLY done!

Click on the image to see it on TPT
I actually have been working on the second, third, and fourth quarters all at the same time, so expect to see the last two in the next couple of weeks.

Here's How It Works:
Mighty Math is a set of weekly formative assessments that I use to evaluate progress towards the second grade Common Core State Standards. All ten of the 2nd grade math CCSS are included on the assessments, although I split three of them in two (addition & subtraction facts, larger addition & subtraction problems, and time & money), bringing it to a total of 13 problems each week. There are nine two-sided assessments that will get you through the second quarter of school.

If you don't have my first set of Mighty Math, you can still use these! In fact, when I started using these last year, it was well into the third quarter of school. The nice thing is that the problems get progressively harder as the year goes on, so you should be able to just jump right in! Here's Week 10:

How I Use These Assessments in My Class:
Every week, I have a shortened math period (50 minutes, as opposed to 75) due to my specials schedule. This is my Mighty Math Day. Students first complete their Mighty Math assessment. When they finish, they work independently on unfinished Math Journal pages from the previous week or Compass Learning Odyssey (a differentiated math website that aligns to their MAP scores). During this independent work time, I will pull groups of students who struggled with specific skills on the previous week's Mighty Math. So, for example, if I noticed that five students had trouble mixing up the hour and minute hand when telling time, I will pull them for more practice. We will review the problem, see if we can find the mistake, and practice telling time with Judy clocks or other supplies I have.
Here's one of my bunnies from last year, plugging away on his Mighty Math!
Besides the assessments, answer keys and three options for recording sheets for your grade book are included. I have personally used all of these recording sheets, and I must say, they are AMAZING! I have never felt more knowledgeable about my students' strengths and weaknesses. I am 110% confident in the grades I give my students as well as my ability to speak about my students to administrators and parents. Check them out!
This one I use to quickly see which skills were successful and which ones need reteaching.
Each student has one of these sheets. Each CCSS has its own box, and I am quickly able to see their strengths and weaknesses, as well as jot notes about the student's performance.

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Have a super weekend! :)


  1. This looks awesome!!!

  2. This looks awesome!!!

  3. Thank you so much for making this! I am using this for my goals this year and you have made my life so much easier!


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