Surviving Show and Tell

I loathe Show and Tell. Mostly because it goes something like this:

Johnny: This is my Lego rocket ship I built...
(Every single hand goes up)
Bobby: I have that rocket ship too!
Billy: So do I!
Katie: My rocket ship is bigger. It has 1,000 pieces!
Tommy: Well, mine has 3,000 pieces!!!
Sarah: I have a Lego doll house!!


I get that the audience is excited and they all have connections about the item(s) being shared, but come on! This isn't about you, bunnies! Here's my solution to this problem.

The sharer can take 3 questions or comments. The questions or comments must be related to the sharer and his/her item. So, let's go back to the rocket ship that Johnny shared. Kids could ask questions like, "How long did it take you to build it?" or "How many pieces does it have?" They can make comments, such as, "That's really cool!" or "I can tell you worked hard to build that." 

Now what about those kids who are just dying to tell about their rocket ship? They do this:
This is actually my 4-year-old li'l guy. I wasn't about to recreate Show and Tell just so I could snap a pic for you all LOL!
They take their thumbs and point to themselves. That signals to me that they have a connection to the item being shared, without saying a word. I will smile and nod at those kids, acknowledging that I now know they have a really cool rocket ship at home as well. I'm telling you, this works like a dream!!! This way the focus stays on the sharer, but the other kids don't feel "silenced" either.

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  1. This is great! I do allow three comments or questions and tell them it has to be about the sharer's item, but this would help with those still trying to 'sneak' their own in. :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles


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