Wordless Wednesday: BIG News!

I'm linking up with the FABULOUS Miss DeCarbo over at Second Grade Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know. But if not...

I'm officially on board the Crazy Train, as our two-ring circus will be turning into a three-ring circus at the end of August!

Seriously... I'm kind of freaking out. For all you moms of 3, what is one thing I NEED to know?


  1. Wow, congrats. My bro is about to become a father to a three ring circus. Since I'm not a mom I can't offer advice, but I will say good luck! As the youngest of three I like the third :)
    - Sydney
    Lessons Learned

  2. Congratulations! How exciting!

  3. Congrats! With the 3rd one I realized that I couldn't do it all! You will now be out numbered! Take the help when it is offered to you! Nicely ask your husband to do A or B. Also, remember to allow time for yourself!!

  4. Congrats!! That's so exciting!! I hope your pregnancy is going well!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 


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