Weekend Warriors: Pinteresting Home/Craft Projects

It's the last weekend of the month, so you know what that means? It's time to link up with my fellow Weekend Warriors!!
Hippo Hooray for Second Grade: Weekend Warriors Pinterest Projects
Pinterest is actually what introduced me to the blogging world. All these amazing images took me to even more amazing blogs and I was SUCKED IN!! Currently, I have 103 boards and 4,472 pins... YIKES! Although I will admit I was a pinaholic in the early months, while now I tend to be more selective with what I pin.

Today I want to share with you some of the pinspiring home and crafting ideas I've implemented in recent months. Click here to see my classroom pinspirations from this weekend's blog hop! First up, I needed to do something about the HOT MESS I called my jewelry box. Sadly, I'm not a bracelet girl, although I really wish I was (Alex + Ani anyone??? I wish...), but I end up playing with them and taking them off during the day. I'm more of a necklace girl. There are tons of pins out there, like this one, or this one, or this one. I needed some serious organization, so I went to heaven Hobby Lobby, found five different, yet matchy drawer pulls. I already had a few hooks screwed into a board where I hang my scarves, so I asked the hubs to move them over a smidge and hang up the drawer pulls. Observe:
Hippo Hooray for Second Grade: Weekend Warriors Pinterest Projects
Close Up:
The drawer pull was $4-$5 each. In the same aisle, they also had racks with hooks with decorative pieces on the ends, but I felt like that would be cheating. If I'm calling this a Pinterest project, I actually need to make something. And by "I," I mean the hubs :) He's such a champ! I also liked the random, yet somewhat matching look of the pulls that I chose. The pre-made racks had the same decorative pieces on each hook.

I love how I can now see all the necklaces that I have, and what colors I need more of :)

OK, up next, a little crochet project. I was pinspired by this pattern. One of the second grade teachers at another school in my district is expecting a baby girl any day now! She posted pictures of her nursery on Facebook and said her theme was "You Are My Sunshine." I actually pinned the pattern several weeks before I found out that nugget of info, but had no reason to make it. So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered her theme because it fit perfectly! Her colors are cream, gray, and yellow, but of course I had to add some pink!
Hippo Hooray for Second Grade: Weekend Warriors Pinterest Projects
 It's a little hot in June/July for a hat (which is my specialty), so this lovey was a perfect alternative!

Speaking of babies... I'm currently 31 weeks with our Baby #3, and we don't know baby's gender! We have a boy and a girl already and found out with both of them, so we decided to be surprised for the last one. Yes, this is the last one! I wanted to make a baby blanket for the baby, so I scoured Pinterest and found this pattern. If you haven't noticed, I tend to gravitate towards turquoise and green, and since those colors tend to be more gender-neutral, that's what we're going with for the nursery. I found the sign at Hobby Lobby, and then picked out the yarn to go with. Voila!
Hippo Hooray for Second Grade: Weekend Warriors Pinterest Projects
 I added the scalloped edge around the outside to give it a more finished look. And the best part? I actually finished this five weeks ago: 14 weeks early!! I'm never early. In fact, I'm still working on my daughter's baby quilt and she's 2.5 years old...

As you can imagine, I have lots of yarn. Problem is, I have no place to put it. I was storing it in a bunch of plastic tubs and Thirty-One bags, but I couldn't always see what I had, plus the skeins would often become tangled. I had seen lots of pins of people using those plastic shoe organizers to store cleaning supplies, jewelry, foods, and spice packets, so I came up with the idea to use one to store my yarn. Here she is!
Hippo Hooray for Second Grade: Weekend Warriors Pinterest Projects
I actually had to buy another one because I have so much yarn. In fact, I could probably even use a third, but I have no idea where I would put it. This one hangs on my closet door, and the other one is inside my closet (just down from my new necklace storage and scarves). I LOVE how I can see everything I have and it's easily accessible.

So what do you think of my projects so far? Feel free to hop on over to my Pinterest page to tell me what I should do next! Also, don't forget to check out the projects my fellow Weekend Warriors have been working on!

Make sure you come back tomorrow. I'll be sharing some of the classroom projects I've been working on!


  1. How smart is that yarn holder - genius, Angela! I am so impressed by your crocheting! I knit. Well, I used to knit pre-TpT and blogging days! Can't wait to see your little one - you're getting sooooo close! LOVE the new blog!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. That doorknob idea is amazing. I just pushed some thumb tacks in my wall but this is much cuter. Love your new blog look by the way. Super cute!

    Second Grade Perks
    Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  3. I need to find a place for the doorknob idea. I might take that idea and use it for all the scarves I have. I have them in a drawer and seem to only wear the ones on top. I love this idea! Your baby blanket is precious too!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  4. I love your yarn organization! Those shoe organizers are way more useful than one would think! I'll bet baby #3 will love that precious blanket, the colors are gorgeous!

    Primarily Speaking

  5. First of all, your blog is looking FABULOUS! LOVE the way you stored your necklaces!!! Such a great idea!

    Sailing into Second

  6. Oh my gosh - LOVE your projects! You've got game, girl!!!!
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  7. Oh girl, my jewelry box looks the same way. I even have one of those old school, stretchy, plastic hook things in my closet for all my necklaces and they are still all over the place. Your cute knobs are way cuter than my plastic thingy.

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  8. You are a pinterest champ!! You actually made the stuff you pinned. Way to go! I'm in love with the necklace holder =)
    A Burst of First

    ps..LOVE the new blog!!


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