IT'S HERE!!! Third Grade Mighty Math!

I am SO excited to announce my latest creations:

That's right; I've made a third grade version of my Mighty Math assessments!

Here's the low down:
Mighty Math is a set of weekly formative assessments that can be used to evaluate the progress towards the third grade math CCSS. In each assessment, I've included all eleven of the third grade CCSS clusters. Every week, I have a shortened math period (50 minutes) due to my specials schedule. This is my Mighty Math Day. First students complete their Mighty Math assessment. When students finish, they bring their paper to me to spot check. I'll glance it over to make sure they didn't miss anything, but I'm also looking for problems that might be wrong. I keep track of problems that might have stumped a large group of students, so that when the majority of my class is done, I go over the tricky problems right away. The sooner we can review our mistakes, the more of a lasting effect it will have. I will also pull small groups of kids for reteaching and practice, based on which problems they struggled with. While we're waiting for the class to finish, students who have completed their Mighty Math will work independently on unfinished Math Journal pages or on Compass Learning Odyssey (differentiated math website).

Mighty Math has made teaching math TONS easier for me! I have never felt more knowledgeable about my students' math strengths and weaknesses. I feel like I can better target those kiddos who struggle with certain concepts. I've also gotten lots of positive comments from parents about how they feel more informed as well. We use the EveryDay Math program at my school, where the kids work in workbooks that stay at school. The only feedback parents used to get about their child's math abilities was the unit tests, progress reports, and report cards. Now, they're basically getting a report every week, and they know how they can help at home!

Let's take a peek inside:
Click HERE for First Quarter
Click HERE for Second Quarter
Click HERE for Third Quarter
Click HERE for Fourth Quarter
Want to see a close up of Week 1?
I think one of my most favorite things about Mighty Math is the recordkeeping sheets. I'm kind of a nerd for data :) There are three options for keeping track of how your students do on Mighty Math. Here are two of them:
I have one of these sheets for each student. I put a star in the box if they got it right and a check in the box if it's wrong. Usually I'll write a quick note about what the problem was or what went wrong. This Little Love clearly will need extra help when we get to our measuring unit. In the meantime, I am meeting with him (and others who struggle with this strand) for reteaching and practice.

I also use this whole-class sheet so I can ]easily tell where we need extra practice: time, money and graphing, anyone?

Right now, I have all 4 sets set at 50% off! They will be at this price until tomorrow night!

I haven't released the bundle yet, but I'm giving away TWO sets for the WHOLE YEAR! Enter through the Rafflecopter:

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Up next... FIRST GRADE! Stay tuned :)

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  1. I'm moving and teaching a K/1 split this year, so I'll look forward to the first grade edition!! That sounds great! I love easy quick formative quizzes- ways to check what we need to keep practicing!! Great idea!


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