St. Patrick's Day Math FREEBIE

I come up with my best ideas at 10:00PM, and this one is no exception :)

We've been working on measurement for the last week, and my kiddos had a hard time with measuring to the nearest half-inch and half-centimeter. They were really struggling with the concept of whole units plus the half of a unit. So, to go along with St. Patrick's Day, I whipped up this little activity. 

I cut lengths of yarn of each color of the rainbow. I also included pink, per my girls' requests. Then to prevent the ends from fraying, I put some clear packaging tape on each end, so they kind of looked like shoelaces.
I should really buy stock in clear packaging tape!
We reviewed and practiced measuring to the nearest half-inch and half-centimeter with snap cubes. Then, with a partner, they measured each piece of yarn.

I cute-ed this worksheet up for you and added some comparison questions at the bottom. The file includes measuring to the nearest whole inch/centimeter as well as half-inch/centimeter.

Click HERE to get a copy!

ENJOY!! :)

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