Classroom Jobs Made EASY

Teachers all have different priorities, and for me, classroom jobs just isn't one of them.

I've done classroom jobs a few ways. I've had jobs for every person in the class, including a job called "Vacation" which gave that lucky student the week off from doing a job. I've had jobs for only about 1/3 of the class, so kids were 1 week on, 2 weeks off. I've let students choose their jobs (which takes FOREVER, by the way), I've assigned jobs... and I've hated every single second of it.

Yes, I know that giving students jobs in the classroom helps to give students a sense of responsibility in the classroom community. But I just don't have the time or the desire to switch jobs every week, track who's doing what, or getting on the case of students who aren't doing their jobs. I have better things to do! #sorrynotsorry

However, there are times when I need someone to grab the lunch bin and bring it back to the classroom, or I need someone to run across the hall and borrow a book from another teacher. So last year, I started using The Hip Helper.

Every day, a new students is my Hip Helper for the day. Whatever odd jobs need to be done, this person does. Some days I need more help than others, but my kiddos love to be that special person of the day! I keep this sign near my door, so when we're lined up at the end of the day and waiting for the dismissal bell to ring, my Hip Helper will randomly choose a new person for the next day.

See that super cute pocket that's holding all the names? Want to know what that is? It's a thank you note that I cut up and used clear mailing tape to close up the sides! All of the kids who haven't had a turn are in the pocket, and once they've had a turn, I put their name in a basket just below the sign. Once everyone has had a turn, their names all go back into the pocket and we start again!

Since switching to this system, my classroom jobs routine has been SO much easier for me to manage! And it doesn't take up an entire bulletin board either! Want a copy of the Hip Helper sign and name cards? Fill out the form below, and I'll send it right to your email inbox!

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