Staff Sunshine: Flair Pens

I'm on my school's PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) committee, and part of our year long plan is to provide our staff with pick-me-ups throughout the year. I love a good pun, so of course I volunteered to be in charge of that!

Here's what we did for September:

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My school's mascot is a Wildcat, so that's what the paw prints are about. There are 8 tags on a sheet of paper. I printed them in color, quickly chopped them with a paper cutter, and then used a hole puncher to make a hole so I could fasten the pens.

I tried tying the tags onto the pens with string, but it was more of a pain than anything, so I just stuck the clip of the pen through the hole. When you're punching the holes, you have to make sure it's not too close to the edge, but at the same time, not too low so that the clip can get all the way through the hole.

I'm sure the next thing you're thinking is.... how much does all of this cost?! We have 85 faculty and staff members at our school, so it wasn't cheap. I found 12 packs of Flair Pens on Amazon for $9 each. It was probably a back-to-school deal because I normally don't see them for that cheap. Thankfully, my school has a PBIS budget, plus we get money from our parent group, so that's how I was able to buy them.

Also, Random Side Note: I took out the yellow ones because who wants a yellow pen?!

I know not all of you are Wildcats, so the file also includes versions of the tags with an apple in the corner, and one that's plain. Click HERE to grab it for free.

Happy Back to School Season!

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