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And the winner of my Valentine's Day Giveaway is....

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That means that the winner is E Reyes!!! Please email me: angelanerby (at) hotmail (dot) com so I can send you my Nonfiction Genres Posters!

So I'm a little late linking up, but I really love this linky party:
Thanks so much Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade for organizing! What a great way to focus on the positives, especially when the cold and YUCK weather in Wisconsin does a great job to put a damper on your spirits.

Something Good at Home:
My hat making business, Baby Ella Millinery, is really taking off!!! Here are some of the hats/projects I've made in the last month or so:

Scalloped Beanie with Flower
Garden Bonnet
Puppy Hat
"Beverage" Mitten... I made these for a girl I play hockey with. Willing to bet she didn't put Diet Coke in hers :)
And you MUST click HERE to check out a mermaid photo prop I made for my favorite local photographer {she's the mom to two of my former students!} Seriously, go to this link!! I don't feel right sharing her photo on my blog since I didn't ask for her permission, but I am SO happy with how it turned out!

Right now I don't have an Etsy store, and I'm totally fine with that. I'm a teacher, I have two kids and a hubs, I make things for TPT, oh, and I have a life too... I don't need to add that to my plate as well! Right now I just make things to order, but I'm thinking about making up some hats during spring and summer so I can start up an Etsy shop :)

Something Good at School:
In 2010 my school won a contest through Goodwill. The school that donated the most items to Goodwill during a certain time period got a visit from Donald Driver, a famous Green Bay Packers player {and Dancing with the Stars champ! LOL!}. We donated something like 35,000 items!! It was such an awesome experience to see our school decked out in the green and gold!

Well Donald Driver retired a few weeks ago. It was kind of a big deal around these parts. When he came to our school, one of our students was battling Leukemia, and Driver made a special visit to him. All the news stations remembered this and they aired a special story about it! Click on the picture below to watch the video!
{That would be me in the Reggie White jersey walking right in front of the camera at 33 seconds... Oops!}
I had this little sweetie when he was in second grade. He is a really awesome kid! It was just a really fun atmosphere these past two weeks to celebrate Donald Driver and to remember how awesome it was when he came to our school!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!


  1. Angela - your work is GORGEOUS! I clicked the link to see the mermaid piece and my jaw dropped. You have a TON of talents, girly!!!

    Our school (Milwaukee area) tried to win that Donald Driver visit from Goodwill, too! Happy to hear it was wonderful!

    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet compliments! I love crocheting.. it's such a stress reliever for me :)
      We had parents organizing the whole Donald Driver thing! People were dropping off bags of items at school, and the 1st shift custodians were using their big box trucks to shuttle the items to Goodwill when their shifts were over! It was such an amazing effort! At one point, you couldn't even walk through the office; there was so much STUFF everywhere!!!

  2. Holy cow, I'm so excited about winning those nonfiction genre posters!

    Your hats are adorable! I LOVE your flower, especially! Do you have a pattern you use or do you just make it up as you go? I've taught myself (through YouTube) how to crochet, but I can finally read a pattern so I need to make one of those scalloped hats for my sister!

    1. YAY for crocheting! I have two Pinterest boards where I keep track of all my {mostly} free finds and inspirations: and

      For the basic beanie, I love the pattern from Repeat Crafter Me:

      To make the scalloped edge, I made that up myself. Instead of SCing the last row, I did this: skip 1, sc 5 in next stitch, skip 2, sc 5 in next stitch, skip 2.... repeat around. I used a bulkier yarn though (5), so if you were using worsted weight, you might need to do more than 5 st.

      For the actual flower, I used this pattern:

      Happy hooking :)

  3. Hey Angela! I never got your email. You won my Math Journal Pack! Can I get your email so I can get this to you?

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers


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