200 Followers? SAY WHAT?! And Five for Friday

So I've been watching the number creep up and just this week I hit 200 followers!!! LET'S CELEBRATE!!! I have been so busy working on my report cards and my latest TpT product that I kinda slacked off on getting a giveaway put together {sticks head in the sand}... If you'd like to help me celebrate by donating something, please leave me a comment below including your email address or you can email me at angelanerby (at) hotmail (dot) com. THANKS

Up Next... It's time for Five for Friday! Thanks Doodle Bugs Teaching for throwing this partaayyy every Friday!!

1. Main Idea Mania!
OK so I don't mean to toot my own horn.... but seriously, TOOT TOOT! I am so LOVIN' my latest TpT creation: Main Idea Mania! 

Read all about it here! Check it out on TpT here because I dropped a few freebies in the preview file :) It's on sale for 20% off through Sunday.

2. SMART Exchange!
I was not SMART this week. Every Friday my grade level does a leveled instruction grouping for language/grammar skills. We decided to do homophones for the second week in a row. I checked out some activities on TpT, but I wasn't overly excited. Then my coworker said, "Did you check SMART Exchange?" 


DUH! How have I forgotten about this amazing resource?!?! I downloaded this super cute Hoppin' Homophones froggie lesson and the kiddos LOVED it, especially the Homophone Spinning Game.

3. Me vs Tupperware 
One of my students' birthday was today. Actually it was his *Golden Birthday* and he didn't let any one of us forget it! HA! He brought in a birthday treat, and he and his helpers were trying to get the container open. They called me over for help. I felt like the strong guy who was summoned to open the pickle jar. I got this! Except... I didn't. Oh man, I tried with all my might, but this lid seriously outsmarted me. The whole class was watching me and cheering me on, some kids were hiding under their desks for fear that if I did get the lid off, the brownies would be flying all over the room... It was pretty funny. And a bit embarrassing. Rest assured, I did manage to get the lid off without brownies raining down on everyone, and a roaring round of applause ensued. Nice, Bunnies. Real Nice...
The Culprit...
4. Snow Day School Day
We were cheated of another snow day this week :( But all that snow means just one thing: RECESS FUN!!! One of my bunnies made this snowman and wanted me to take his picture:
I wish you could see this little gem's face. Seriously, Friends, this is the kind of student that teachers dream of! I told him I would email the photo to his mom, and I got the sweetest email back from her. Her email seriously made my day! 

5. Traditional Literature
We started our Traditional Literature unit today! My teammate came up with a great idea and I stole it. No shame over here! To introduce the genre, we played a game of telephone. You know, where everyone sits in a circle and and you whisper something into your neighbor's ear, then they pass the message to the next person. What a GREAT way to illustrate how when a story is passed from one person to the next, the details can change! We read Legend of the Bluebonnet and Paul Bunyan, and next week we'll be starting a fairy tales unit that I won from Kelley at Buggy for Second Grade! Super excited about this one!!
Happy weekend everyone!!



  1. I would be happy to donate something from my TpT store! Yay for 200 followers! :) LOVE your Tupperware trauma tale! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. I'd be happy to donate one item of choice from my store! I recently had my own 200 follower giveaway and it was so much fun!

    Math is Elementary

  3. I will donate my Riddle me this packet and my number words practice games


  4. Darn Tupperware! Glad to see it all worked out! I teach 2nd grade too and I know how disappointed they would have been NOT to be able to enjoy those delicious brownies! I know you said you checked out TpT for homophone activities. I have a freebie on there for a homophone game and a few activities if you want to check it out!


    My kiddos love playing this game! I found you through the TpT forum and I am now your newest follower! I love to connect with other 2nd grade teachers!

    The Applicious Teacher

  5. I'd love to donate something from my TPT Store. Winner's choice. Congratulations on 200 followers!

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  6. YEAH for 200 Followers! I don't have anything for sale ( yet--- they're coming soon!) but I would donate a $10 TPT gift card to the cause. :) If you need my email address again leave me a note on my page. Congrats again lady. You deserve it!!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  7. Congrats on your 200 followers!

    I can't believe you went to school with all that snow! We get out if a snowflake flies by the window! lol :)

    Loving Literacy


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