Leap Frog Learners: A Measuring and Data Collecting & Analysis Activity

I use the EveryDay Math program in my classroom, and I feel like there just isn't enough graphing and data analysis incorporated in the program. Every Wednesday I have a shortened math time due to art class, so I don't have time to teach a full lesson. The last few weeks I've been using this day as my "Data Day." This week we tried out my new product: Leap Frog Learners!
I put my students into groups of four to work cooperatively to leap like a frog and measure the lengths of the leaps in inches. Each student had a job: Jumper, Measurer, Judge and Marker. The Jumper jumps (clearly), the Measurer measures the jump, the Judge makes sure the jumper's toes don't cross the starting line, and the Marker puts a chip or some other sort of marker down to mark the end of the jump.  To help students keep track of who-does-what, I created name badges to wear around their necks and a chart that shows the rotation of the jobs. This helped TREMENDOUSLY to keep the bickering to a minimum :)

After everyone jumped, we worked together to complete a tally chart.
Then students completed a graph and answered some analysis questions based on the data.
I've also included a practice sheet that I used as homework, but you could use it for extra practice or a math center.
I am SUPER excited about this product, and I'd love to give a few copies away! Leave a comment below including your email address by midnight tomorrow (Friday, April 26th). I'll randomly choose a few winners on Saturday. I'm also putting this activity on sale in my TPT store until Sunday if you just can't wait to pick it up!



  1. May I jump too? This would be an awesome lesson for me to use next week with my Multi-agers! We would even email you the data results! YOUR IDEAS ARE FANTASTIC! rwenzel@netnet.net

  2. Love it! As usual your stuff looks awesome. Pick comment #2. Hee-hee
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  3. This looks frog-tastic! I would love to do this with my kiddos. We would have so much fun!

  4. So much fun I hope I win!


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