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A while ago I heard the sad, sad news that Google Reader is being retired. I usually follow blogs using my Blogger home page, but I also used Google Reader to see if some of my favorite bloggers had posted and I missed it. But what about those of you who are reading this right now, but you're not a blogger? NOW WHAT?! Don't fret, pretty people! Molly, from Lucky to Be in First shed the light for me on a solution: Bloglovin'!

Basically, Bloglovin' can import your blog list from Google Reader. You will also get a daily email with all the new posts for the day. Additionally, there is a super fun, FREE app you can download. Click HERE to read Molly's in-depth post!

I noticed on Molly's blog that she had a button for followers to click so that they can follower her blog on Bloglovin', and I wanted one too! I didn't see on Bloglovin's homepage how to do this, so I did a quick search. To save my bloggy friends some time, if you click HERE, you can get your own widget to put the button on your blog. It literally took me less than two minutes to install the widget!

Farewell, Google Reader. You will be missed :(


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    I had signed up for this a week ago, but never had the time to do the widget-thing. That was too easy!

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