How to Create a Google Form

I posted a week ago about how I use Google Forms in the classroom, and I had several requests to show how to create a form. I started taking screen shots and realized it would be much easier if I just made a video.


A few disclaimers before you watch:
I've been told I have a really bad Wiscaaahhhhnsin accent... Sorry.
I'm a bit nasally.
I sound like I'm 12.
It's kinda long.... like 23 minutes long....
Don't mind my dog snoring in the background either :/

If you can handle all of that, then here's the video!

After I was done making the form (and the video), I realized that it might be helpful to show you how to access the student responses and what the spreadsheet looks like. So I'll have just my smart kids my whole class take the quiz sometime this week and do a follow up video.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have any other questions! Hope this helped!

PS... Don't forget about the Classroom Quick Tips linky tomorrow!

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  1. Angela,
    I know how to make and use google forms, but how did you make the video!?! I really wanted to do one for a professional development this summer. Could you email me and let me know?



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