Pin this one for next year, friends, because this project is AMAZING!! It's super adorable and it cost a grand total of $6-$7. Yesssss!!!

First we took photos of everyone with their arms STRAIGHT UP. This is important, or else you'll have to do some adjusting when you assemble it in the end. We told them to pretend that they're holding something high up in the air. Too bad the sun was shining brightly on photo day... lots of shadows :( But they still turned out!

Then each student brainstormed 12 words (or more) that describe his/her personality, likes, etc. We used Tagxedo to make a heart-shaped word cloud.
Random Funny: As I was typing up their word clouds, two of my bunnies had the word "drinks" on their list.... I wasn't going to ask *what* their moms drank ;) We just skipped over that one!

Next, we (THE TEACHERS) cut out the hearts. This is important. While it would have been much faster and easier for the students to cut out their own hearts, because there was no line to cut on, we were afraid they'd be a hot mess.

Then one of my teammies has a FABOO card stock supply, so each student chose a color, we glued the photos on the bottom of the page and glued the heart in his/her hands. USE RUBBER CEMENT! Elmer's makes it all bubbly and crinkly.

Lastly we wrote a little love note on the top:
"I heart you"
"You hold my heart"
"I love you with all my heart"
"You have my heart"
"You fill my heart"
"You make my heart happy"

You get the drift.

(Sorry I snapped these pics with my phone so they're not the best quality)

We came up with this idea on Wednesday. Had we have been more creative earlier in the week, we would have had time to run to the dollar store to see if they had 8x10 frames. This project is DEFINITELY frameable. And I kinda want my own babies to make one for me. Would it be bad if I created/coordinated my own Mother's Day present? Nah!



  1. What a fabulous post!
    Adorable project!
    Just pinned it for next year.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. How cute!! Will definitely pin for next year! :)
    ideas by jivey

  3. I love this!!! It is so adorable!! :)

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  4. The "updated version" of this idea! Smiles and stop by anytime!

  5. One of those wish-I'd-thought-of-it ideas! I will definitely mark this for next year! I can probably bribe my technology teacher to do the tagxedo part during their class, thus freeing me to do the photo and assembly. Thanks for the great idea! I love tagxedo (and rubber cement)!

  6. Super cute! Pinning!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade


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