Will You Be My Valentine?

I'm linking up with Sunny Days in Second Grade's Show and Tell Tuesday to share a fun Valentine's project to brighten your hallways and your students' faces!
We're always sending homework for our students. This Valentine's homework is actually for the GROWN UPS! About two weeks before the beginning of February, I give each student a giant heart cut out of tag board. I usually use white tagboard, but this year my teammates did pink and red, and I love how that turned out as well! The directions are very simple: parents are to make a Valentine for their child using whatever supplies they have. My hearts are due this Friday, but I've had a few come in early. Here's how some of them have turned out so far:

This mom wrote her child THE SWEETEST message on the outside. I got a little teary reading it <3
I loved all the photos this family included!
This mom glued Legos and candy all over it... two of her child's most favorite things!
(I apologize the photos look a little goofy, but I blurred out the students' names and the photos for privacy reasons. Thanks for your understanding!)

Aren't these parents so talented and creative?!?! I will hang these in the hallway close to each child's coat hook. It's just a great visual, daily reminder to the students that their grown ups love them. Each year, I frequently see my kiddos smiling and admiring their hearts as they grab their cold lunch, put their library books away, get ready for recess... basically any time we're by our coat hooks. I will keep the hearts up throughout the month of February. It's so easy to do (on my end... ha!), and it's so meaningful for my kiddos. I've also heard from my former students that they still have their hearts after so many years!


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