Friday Freebie: Behavior Think Sheet

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you're enjoying your winter break!

One skill that's super tough for kids (and even some grown ups...) is recognizing and dealing with their emotions. This Think Sheet has actually been brewin' in my brain for about three months, I just wasn't quite sure what I wanted. And then I happened upon this pin a few days ago:
Picture from Teaching in Progress
Oh my goodness, this is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! After you're done here, you MUST hop over to Teaching in Progress's post about why she doesn't use a clip chart. I also do not use a clip chart, and I couldn't agree more with her reasons why. This pin was just what I needed to jump-start my Think Sheet.
I use these think sheets if one of my students needs time to calm down, process, and reflect on his/her behavior. Sometimes I will ask a student to take a break, while other times, students who are feeling like they need a break can take one and complete the sheet by their own choice. After the student is calm, focused, and ready to learn, the student can rejoin the class. Then I will wait until a break in class (usually recess time) to reflect again with the student about what happened.

There is a boy and a girl version in both color and black and white. Click on any of the images above to download a copy.

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  1. Hi Angela,
    I do not use behavior clip charts either because it doesn't change behavior for the better, if at all. Your think sheet is fantastic. Thank you for sharing it!


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